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  1. think

    • IPA[θɪŋk]



    • vi.
    • vt.
    • n.
    • 過去式:thought 過去分詞:thought 現在分詞:thinking

    • 名詞複數:thinks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 有思考能力 humans are the only animals that think 人是唯一有思想的動物
    • 2. 思索 think before you act! 想好了再行動! let me think a moment 讓我考慮一下
    • 3. 思考 to try to think constructively 試著往積極方面想 to think straight 清晰地思考


    • 1. 認為 I think (that) ... 我認為… I think (that) this is their house 我想這是他們的房子
    • 2. 打算 to think (that) ... 打算… I think I'll go to the cinema tonight 我想今晚去看電影
    • 3. 想像 think how nice it would be to spend a day on the beach 想像一下在海灘上度過一天會多美好 think what could happen! 想一想會發生甚麼!
    • 4. 評價 to think the world of sb. 非常敬重某人 to think a lot/not much of sb./sth. 對某人/某事物評價很高/不高
    • 5. 思考 if you want to make money, think money! 如果你想掙錢,就得琢磨錢! to think beautiful/evil thoughts 想美好的東西/動邪念


    • 1. to have a think (about sth.) 想一想(某事) to have a fresh or another think 重新考慮


    1. have a particular belief or idea

    2. direct one's mind towards someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas

    3. call to mind

    4. consider the possibility or advantages of (a course of action)

    5. imagine or expect (an actual or possible situation)


    「1. direct one's mind towards someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas」的反義字

    • think
    • n.
      思考; 考慮 to put (a lot of) thought into sth. (深入)思考某事 lost or deep in thought 陷入沉思的
    • n.
      思維;思考,考慮[U] After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms. 經認真考慮,他決定接受他們的條件。
    • think的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 想法,思想,思維,思潮,關心,掛念think的過去式和過去分詞


    • ph.
      想像; 思考; 想到; 打算 Don't you think too meanly of yourself. 不要把自己看得太渺小了。 Just think of the things we could learn there. 只要想一想, 我們在那兒能學到多少東西吧!
    • ph.
      考慮 I should like to think about your suggestion before I give a definite answer. 我先要考慮一下你的建議, 才能做出明確的答覆。 She was thinking about her childhood days. 她在回憶她的童年時代。
    • ph.
      考慮 There is one thing you have to think on if you wish to succeed. 如果你希望取得成功, 有一件事你必須很好考慮。 You will be the loser by your foolish action, now think on that. 你這種愚蠢的行為會使你吃虧的, 你得考慮一下。
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    • vt.
      想;思索[+wh-] Think how much you can earn if you open a restaurant in such a good location. 想一想,要是你在這樣的黃金地段開一家餐館,你會賺多少錢啊。
    • vi.
      想;思索[(+about)] Think before you leap. 先思而後行。
    • 想,思索