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  1. throw out

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      無意間透露, 暗示;不予考慮
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    • 1. 無意間透露, 暗示 Several suggestions for possible examination questions were thrown out by the teacher. 對於可能出的考題, 教師做了幾點暗示。 He threw out a hint regarding bonuses at the end of the year. 他暗示了有關年終獎金的事。
    • 2. 不予考慮 Our proposal was not really thrown out, it is still being considered. 我們的提議還在考慮中, 還沒有真正被拒絕。 The committee threw out my suggestions. 委員會拒絕了我的建議。
    • 3. 扔掉; 趕走; 逐出 The shortstop threw the runner out. 棒球游擊手使跑壘者被封殺出局。 The drunken man was thrown out from the bar. 那醉漢被趕出了酒吧。


    無意間透露, 暗示