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  1. too-too

    • KK[tuˋtu]
    • DJ[tu:ˋtu:]


    • vi.
    • a. &
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 發出平板單調而短促的嘟嘟聲

    a. &

    • 1. 過分的(地)
    • 2. 矯揉造作的(地)
    • ph.
      成事不足;為時已晚 Legislators from the opposition party criticized the government's act of distributing tax revenue bonuses as too little, too late. 反對黨的立法委員批評政府要發放稅收紅利的舉動為「成事不足,為時已晚」。
    • adv.
      you've gone too far 你太過分了 it's too hot a day for walking 天氣太熱了,不適合散步
    • adv.
      太,過分[+to-v] This hat is too big for me. 這頂帽子我戴太大了。 He is too young to go to school. 他年紀太小,還不能上學。
    • abbr.
      = time of origin 起始時間
    • 也,亦,又,而且


    • ph.
      遺憾的(用以表示同情) It's too bad you can't come to the party. 你不能來參加宴會真遺憾。
    • ph.
      越...越好 You cannot be too careful in examinations. 考試時越仔細越好。
    • ph.
      太...而不能 One is never too old to learn. 活到老, 學到老。 It's too hot to go for a picnic. 天氣太熱了, 不適合野餐。
    • ph.
      很; 非常; 十分 I shall be only too pleased to get home. 我要回到家裡就非常高興。 That's only too true, I'm afraid. 我看這是真事(說話者但願並非真事)。
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