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    top up
  1. top-up

    • KK[ˋtɑpʌp]
    • DJ[ˋtɔpʌp]


    • n.【英】
  2. 相關知識

    • Top-up咩意思呀?

      主要有幾個意思,睇下邊種情況: 1. top up degree (自資學位) 2. top up your balance (增值,例如電話儲值卡) 3. top...就係個動詞,只不過同一般動詞唔同,後面要加多一個 preposition,例如依度嘅 up

    • what is the meaning of top up

      top-up: 1. 補貼(正常收入以外的) A sum of money added to what you already have to increase it to the amount you need 2. (重新斟滿杯子的)補充飲料 An amount of a drink that you add to a cup or glass to make it full again

    • topped up」點解?

      top-up= 補充 are topped up 被動式= 需要補充