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  1. top-up fees

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    • translate this passage, please (3)

      ...which they looked perfect. Of course, they would have to pay him a fee which sometimes topped $10,000. When the daydreaming supermodels paid up, but before gettng any work, they were asked again to hand over more money...

    • 翻譯英文 - Banking (Urgent)

      ...the clients as to whether the related fees would be paid by the clients ...personal loan, second mortgage, credit card, 加額續借top-up??, not very clear ...) When the client topped...

    • 呢D字英文係咩? (關於足球) 3

      ... £12,240,000 for the transfer fee C.朗表現日漸成熟 the (position) from rooney 粉碎了 break up 以後 start from today, from now on...the significant reason of why mu stay at the top of table 他除了頻頻助攻之外, 亦是球隊...