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  1. toss

    • IPA[tɒs]



    • vt.
    • vi.
      輾轉反側; 搖擺; 顛簸;拋硬幣
    • n.
    • 過去式:tossed 過去分詞:tossed 現在分詞:tossing

    • 名詞複數:tosses

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    • 1. to toss sth. to sb., to toss sb. sth. 把某物扔給某人 to toss one's bag on to the sofa 把包扔到沙發上
    • 2. 把…拋起翻面
    • 3. a tossed green salad 拌好的生菜色拉 vegetables tossed in olive oil 用橄欖油拌的蔬菜
    • 4. she tossed her head and turned her back on him 她把頭一甩,不再搭理他了 to toss one's fringe out of one's eyes 甩開遮眼的劉海
    • 5. 拋; 與…拋硬幣決定 to toss sb. for sth. 與某人拋硬幣決定某事 I'll toss you for the last piece of cake! 我要和你拋硬幣決定誰吃最後那塊蛋糕!
    • 6. 拋起 he was chased by a bull and tossed over a hedge 他被公牛追上,然後被拋過了籬笆
    • 7. 把…甩下 his horse tossed him into a ditch 馬把他甩到了溝裡
    • 8. 使…顛簸; 使…搖擺 a storm-tossed sea 風暴肆虐的大海 the branch was tossed to and fro by the wind 樹枝被風吹得搖來搖去


    • 1. 輾轉反側; 搖擺; 顛簸 to toss from side to side/back and forth 搖來搖去/前搖後晃 to toss and turn 輾轉反側
    • 2. 拋硬幣 to toss to decide sth. 拋硬幣決定某事 to toss for sth. 為某事拋硬幣


    • 1. to give sth. a toss 扔某物
    • 2. 拋硬幣 it all hung on the toss of a coin 一切都取決於拋硬幣的結果 the toss 拋硬幣
    • 3. 甩頭 with a disdainful toss of her head, she marched out of the room 她輕蔑地把頭一甩,大步走出了房間 not to give a toss (about sth.) (對某事物)毫不在乎


    1. throw (something) somewhere lightly or casually

    2. throw (a coin) into the air in order to make a decision between two alternatives, based on which side of the coin faces uppermost when it lands

    3. move or cause to move from side to side or back and forth

    4. jerk (one's head or hair) sharply backwards

    5. shake or turn (food) in a liquid, so as to coat it lightly

    • toss的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • toss的名詞複數
    • vt.
      輕鬆寫好; 草草寫好
    • n.
      拋硬幣 let's have a toss-up to decide 讓我們拋硬幣來決定
    • vt.
      使…顛簸; 使…搖擺 we got tossed about in the back of the van 我們坐在送貨車的後部被顛來晃去
    • vi.
    • vt.
    • vt.
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    • KK[tɔs]
    • DJ[tɔ:s]


    • vt.
      拋,扔,投[(+to)][O1] The little girl tossed her ball in the air. 小女孩把球拋向空中。
    • vi.
      被亂扔;顛簸 The ship tossed about on the stormy sea. 船在波濤洶湧的海面上顛簸著。
    • n.[C]
      拋,扔,投 After a few warm-up tosses, he put the shot 63 feet 6 inches. 幾次試擲之後,他把鉛球投出六十三英尺六英寸遠。
    • 投擲,拋,搖擺,震蕩,擲錢幣決定投擲,猛?,搖蕩,使不安