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  1. track

    • IPA[træk]



    • n.
      足跡; 車轍;路徑; 行蹤; 尋覓某人/某物; 不了解…的進展
    • vt.
      跟蹤; 追蹤;帶入
    • vi.
    • 過去式:tracked 過去分詞:tracked 現在分詞:tracking

    • 名詞複數:tracks

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    • 1. 足跡; 車轍 tyre tracks 輪胎轍印 to follow sb.'s track to the river 順著某人的腳印來到河邊
    • 2. 路徑; 行蹤; 尋覓某人/某物; 不了解…的進展 to be on sb.'s track/on the track of sth. 追蹤某人/某物 to be on the fast track to promotion 即將獲得提升
    • 3. 小道 a mountain/cattle track 山間小道/牛道 a side track 岔道
    • 4. 鐵軌 a stretch of track 一段鐵軌 a double-track line 雙軌線
    • 5. 跑道; 車道 a speedway/motor-racing track 快車道/賽車道 a dog-racing track 賽狗道
    • 6. 徑賽 track and field 田徑 a track athlete/meet 徑賽運動員/運動會
    • 7. 曲目 the title track 標題歌曲 a two-/four-track tape 雙聲道/四聲道磁帶
    • 8. 履帶
    • 9. 滑軌
    • 10. 班組 the top/middle/bottom track 尖子班/中等班/差班 to place students in tracks 把學生分班


    • 1. 跟蹤; 追蹤 to track sb. to their hideout 追蹤某人至其藏身處
    • 2. 帶入 to track mud into the house/over the carpet 把泥踩進家裡/踩到地毯上


    • 1. 跟蹤拍攝 the camera tracked away 攝像機鏡頭推遠了 to track in/out 拉回/推出鏡頭
    • 2. 行進 to track across the ground 橫過地面
    • 3. 移動 to track well/badly 運轉流暢/不暢


    1. a rough path or road, typically one beaten by use rather than constructed

    2. a prepared course or circuit for athletes, horses, motor vehicles, bicycles, or dogs to race on

    3. a mark or line of marks left by a person, animal, or vehicle in passing

    4. the course or route followed by someone or something (used especially in talking about their pursuit by others)

    5. a continuous line of rails on a railway

    6. a recording of one song or piece of music

    • adj.
    • track的名詞複數
    • track的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 有履帶的


    • ph.
      經追蹤或搜索而發現 track down an animal (to its lair) 追蹤(至窩穴)發現一動物 I finally tracked down the reference in a dictionary of quotations. 我終於在引語詞典中查到了那段引文。
    • n.
    • modif.
      快速的; 特快的
    • vt.
      快速提拔; 加速…的進程
    • vt.
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    • KK[træk]
    • DJ[træk]


    • n.[C]
      行蹤;軌道;足跡[P1] We followed his tracks in the snow to a hut. 我們沿著他在雪地上留下的足跡走到一間小屋旁。
    • vt.
      跟蹤;追蹤[(+to)] It was not long before I tracked down the lost wallet. 不久我就找到了遺失的錢包。 The hunter tracked the wolf and managed to catch it. 獵人追蹤狼,並設法逮住它。
    • vi.
    • 軌跡,足跡,路,軌道,磁軌,途徑循路而行,追蹤,通過,用纖拉追蹤