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  1. train

    • IPA[treɪn]



    • n.
      火車; 地鐵;隊列
    • vt.
      培訓; 訓練;使…朝某處生長
    • vi.
    • 過去式:trained 過去分詞:trained 現在分詞:training

    • 名詞複數:trains

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    • 1. 火車; 地鐵 a passenger/goods 客運/貨運列車 a slow/fast/express train 慢車/快車/特快列車
    • 2. 隊列 a baggage train 輜重隊
    • 3. 系列 to set off a train of ideas/events 引發一連串想法/一系列事件 (to interrupt sb.'s) train of thought (打斷某人的)思緒
    • 4. 侍從 to bring sth. in its train 帶來某種後果 famine that followed in the train of civil war 隨內戰而來的饑荒
    • 5. 裙裾
    • 6. a train of gears 齒輪系


    • 1. 培訓; 訓練 to train sb. as sth. 把某人培養成 to be trained on the job/as a pilot/in the use of sth. 接受在崗培訓/飛行員訓練/使用某物的培訓
    • 2. 使…朝某處生長 to train a branch along a wall/over an archway 修整枝條使其沿牆/在拱門上方生長
    • 3. 把…瞄準; 把…對準 to train sth. on sth./sb. 用某物對準某物/某人 all eyes are trained on Geneva 所有人都在關注日內瓦


    • 1. 接受培訓 she trained at X University 她在X大學接受培訓 to train as or to be a teacher/a mechanic 接受師資培訓/做機修工的培訓
    • 2. 訓練 to train with sb. 與某人一起訓練 to train for sth. 為某事進行訓練


    1. teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behaviour through sustained practice and instruction

    2. be taught through sustained practice and instruction

    3. undertake a course of exercise and diet in order to reach or maintain peak physical fitness in preparation for a specific sport or event

    4. prepare (a person or animal) for a particular sport or event with a course of exercise and diet

    5. point or aim something, typically a gun or camera, at

    6. a number of vehicles or pack animals moving in a line

    7. a retinue of attendants accompanying an important person

    8. a series of connected events or thoughts

    9. a long piece of material attached to the back of a formal dress or robe that trails along the ground

    • adj.
      受過培訓的; 受過訓練的 to be fully trained 得到全面培訓 well-trained 訓練有素的
    • train的名詞複數
    • train的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 訓練過的


    • ph.
      搭火車 He went to Germany by train. 他是乘火車去德國的。
    • ph.
      【文】準備妥當 Arrangements for the ceremony have been put in train. 典禮的各項安排都已就緒。
    • n.
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    • KK[tren]
    • DJ[trein]


    • n.[C]
      列車,火車 She came by train. 她是乘火車來的。
    • vt.
      訓練,培養[O2][(+as/in/for)] The firm trained its employees to be more efficient. 公司培訓員工,使他們辦事效率更高。 She was trained for nursing. 她被培養成護士。
    • vi.
      接受訓練,鍛鍊[(+as/for)][+to-v] He is training for the ministry. 他正在接受培訓,準備做牧師。 They are training for the boat race. 他們正在為划船比賽接受訓練。
    • 火車,列車,行列,長隊,後果,順序訓練,教養,對准鍛煉