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  1. turn down

    • vt.
      翻下; 疊起; 折起;調低
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 翻下; 疊起; 折起 she made the bed, neatly turning down the bedclothes 她鋪好床,把被子整整齊齊地疊好
    • 2. 調低 with the light turned down low 光線調得很暗地
    • 3. 使…面朝下 look at your card for a moment, then turn it down on the table 先看一下你的牌,然後牌面朝下放在桌上
    • 4. 拒絕 they turned down all my ideas 他們否定了我所有的想法


    • 1. 向下彎 the graph turns down from the end of July 曲線圖從7月底開始呈下降走勢