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  1. turn round

    • vi.
      轉身; 轉向;旋轉
    • vt.
      使…轉身; 使…轉向;顛倒
    • 釋義


    • 1. 轉身; 轉向 turn round and face me 轉過來面對我 to turn round to do sth. 轉身做某事
    • 2. 旋轉 to turn round and round 不斷旋轉 to turn round on its axis 繞軸轉
    • 3. 向相反方向發展 we are praying that the sales figures will turn round before the end of the year 我們求老天保祐銷售量在年底前能有起色
    • 4. 裝卸貨物


    • 1. 使…轉身; 使…轉向 he had turned round every single chair in the hall 他把大廳裡的每張椅子都轉了過來
    • 2. 顛倒
    • 3. 使…好轉 it has turned my life round 這使我的生活出現了轉機
    • 4. 給…裝卸貨物; 裝卸; 裝卸…的貨物 an incoming plane can be turned round in under an hour 一班進港飛機可以在一個小時內裝卸完畢