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  1. turn sth. up

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使某物面朝上或指向上方 He turned up his coat collar against the chill wind. 他豎起大衣領抵禦寒風。
    • 2. 摺起衣邊改短(衣服) These trousers are too long; they'll need turning up/to be turned up. 這條褲子太長, 需要改短些。
    • 3. 挖掘而發現某物; 暴露出某物 The farmer turned up a human skull while ploughing the field. 那農民犁地時挖出一個人類的頭蓋骨。 The soil had been turned up by the plough. 那片地是用犁翻的。
    • 4. 開大(收音機、電視機等)的音量 I can't hear the radio very well; could you turn it up a bit? 收音機我聽不太清楚, 你把聲音開大點行嗎?