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  1. turn up

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 到來 she turned up in an old shirt and a pair of jeans 她穿著舊襯衫和牛仔褲來了 to turn up for or to work/for duty 來上班/值班
    • 2. 被找到 I'm sure your watch will turn up one of these days 我敢肯定這幾天能找到你的手表
    • 3. 出現 a chance like this doesn't turn up very often 這樣的機會不常有
    • 4. 翹起 his nose turns up at the end 他鼻尖上翹


    • 1. 翻起 she turned up the brim of her hat 她把帽邊翻了起來 a turned-up nose 朝天鼻
    • 2. 折起
    • 3. 發現 I turned this up in a little antique shop 我在一個小古玩店裡找到了這個東西
    • 4. 調高 can you turn the sound up a bit, I can't hear 你能不能把聲音弄大點兒,我聽不見
    • 5. 停止 turn it up! 停下來!