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  1. walk over

    • ph.
      輕易擊敗;刻薄地或惡意地對待某人; 漠視
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    • 1. 輕易擊敗 The replay wasn't much of a contest: Liverpool walked all over them. 這場複賽成不上是比賽, 利物浦隊輕易勝過了他們。 Jones simply walked over Brown at billiards. 在彈子戲中, 瓊斯不費吹灰之力贏了布朗。
    • 2. 刻薄地或惡意地對待某人; 漠視 Jill is easy to get along with and never walks over others. 吉爾平易近人, 從不盛氣凌人。 Those parents and teachers walked over young children. 那些父母和教師漠視幼兒的願望。
    • 3. 穿過 She walked over the road and looked in the window. 她穿過馬路去往窗裡瞧。