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  1. warn

    • IPA[wɔːn]



    • vt.
    • 過去式:warned 過去分詞:warned 現在分詞:warning

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    • 1. 告誡 to warn sb. about or against or of sth. 提醒某人提防某事物 to warn sb. against complacency 告誡某人戒驕戒躁
    • 2. 警告 to warn sb. for sth. 因某事物而警告某人


    1. inform someone in advance of a possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation

    2. give someone cautionary advice about their actions or conduct

    • n.
      警告 a warning to sb. 對某人的警告 a warning about sth. 關於某事的警告
    • adj.
      警告的 a warning light/siren/notice 報警燈/警笛/警告
    • n.
      警告;告誡;警報[U][C][(+of)][+to-v] The son was so captivated with the woman that he didn't heed his parents' warnings. 兒子為這個女人神魂顛倒,全然不顧他父母的告誡。 The red light is a warning sign for stop. 紅燈是警告停止行進的信號。
    • adj.
      警告的;告誡的;引以為戒的 The policeman fired a warning shot. 那警察鳴槍警告。
    • warn的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 警告,告誡,訓誡,警戒,警報


    • ph.
      通知離開 When we tried to enter the house, some men warned us off. 當我們想進入那個房子時, 有幾個人叫我們走開。
    • vt.
      警告…離開 to warn sb. off sth. 警告某人遠離某事物
    • vt.
      預先通知 police have warned of possible delays 警方通告可能會誤點 traffic signals warned of fog 交通信號提醒有霧
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    • KK[wɔrn]
    • DJ[wɔ:n]


    • vt.
      警告;告誡;提醒[(+of/against)][O2][O5] He warned me against going outside alone at night. 他提醒我晚上不要單獨出去。 The police warned us not to go out at night. 警察告誡我們夜間不要出門。
    • vi.
    • 警告,注意,通知發出警告