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  1. wash out

    • ph.
      洗淨;洗去; 被洗去
    • 釋義


    • 1. 洗淨 Now wash your mouth out with clean water. 現在用清水漱一下口。 wash out the empty bottles 把空瓶子洗乾淨
    • 2. 洗去; 被洗去 Is she able to wash the dirty mark out of her coat? 她能把大衣上的污跡洗掉嗎? If I wash your sports kit out now, it'll be dry by tomorrow morning. 要是我現在把你的運動用品洗了, 明天上午就能乾了。
    • 3. (使)洗得退色 The fabric is washed out. 這織物洗得褪色了。
    • 4. 失色; 稀釋; 失去活力
    • 5. 沖走; 被沖走; 沖毀 The embankment was washed out by the storm. 堤岸被暴風雨摧毀了。 The bridge was washed out. 橋已被衝掉。
    • 6. 【口】使衰弱, 使精疲力盡; 耗盡...的精力 Those children need more sleep: they look washed out. 那些孩子需要再睡一會兒, 他們看上去精疲力竭了。
    • 7. 【口】結束; 毀壞
    • 8. 【口】取消, 放棄 Today's football match has been washed out by a sudden downpour. 今天的足球賽因一場突然降臨的大雨而取消了。
    • 9. 【美】【俚】(使)退學; (被)淘汰 He was washed out of the flight school. 他被飛行學校淘汰了。