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  1. wear down

    • ph.
      磨損; 損耗; 用壞, 用舊;使精疲力盡; 使消瘦; 使厭煩
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    • 1. 磨損; 損耗; 用壞, 用舊 The feet of countless visitors wore down the threshold of the old building. 無數遊客的腳步磨損了這座古老建築物的門檻。 Your back tyres are badly worn down. You should fit new ones. 你的後車胎磨損得很厲害, 你得換新胎了。
    • 2. 使精疲力盡; 使消瘦; 使厭煩 Her incessant chatter finally wore me down and I decided to leave. 她喋喋不休終於使我厭煩了, 於是我決定走開。 Looking after high-spirited children can soon wear a person down. 照管淘氣的孩子們會很快筋疲力盡。
    • 3. (以不懈的努力)克服; (用壓力)制服 We wore down their opposition after several hours' argument. 經過數小時的緊張爭辯, 我們迫使他們放棄了異議。


    磨損; 損耗; 用壞, 用舊