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  1. well

    • IPA[wel]



    • adj.
    • adv.
    • excl
    • adv
    • prep
    • 比較級:better 最高級:best

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 健康的 are you well? 你身體好嗎? how is he? — as well as can be expected 他好嗎?──好極了
    • 2. 好的 all is well 一切都好 I hope all is well with you 我希望你萬事如意
    • 3. 可取的 it would be just as well (for sb.) to do sth. (某人)最好還是做某事 it would be just as well to check 最好還是核實一下
    • 4. 幸運的 it's just as well (for sb.) (that ...) (對某人來說)幸好(…) it was just as well for him that the shops were still open 他還算幸運,商店還開著


    • 1. to work/sleep well 工作好/睡得好 he isn't eating very well 他胃口不好
    • 2. 順利地 to go well 進展順利 if all goes well ... 如果一切順利…
    • 3. 有利地 to do (quite) well out of sth. 從某事物中獲益(豐厚) to do quite well out of the war 大發戰爭財
    • 4. 合適地 to be well judged/matched 判斷很準確/很相配 to do well to do sth. 做某事很明智
    • 5. 善意地 to treat sb. well 對某人友善 to do well by sb. 對某人很慷慨
    • 6. 贊成地 to speak/think well of sb./sth. 對某人/某事說好話/評價高 to be well received/regarded 受到好評/讚賞
    • 7. 平靜地 to take sth. well 平靜地接受某事物 to respond well to sth. 對某事物反應平靜
    • 8. 完全地 to mix well 充分攪拌 ‘shake well’ “搖勻”
    • 9. 徹底地 to know sth./sb. well 十分了解某事物/某人 he’s well able to take care of himself 他完全能夠自理
    • 10. 遠遠地 to be well above/below average 遠遠高於/低於平均數 to be well over thirty/100 years old 遠不止30/100歲
    • 11. 很可能 you may (very) well be right 你很可能是對的 it may well be that ... 很可能…
    • 12. 輕易地 she can well afford to pay for it 她完全買得起 I can well believe it! 這事我並不覺得意外!
    • 13. 應該 I can’t very well leave now 我現在離開不太合適 she looked shocked, as well she might 她看上去很震驚,這是理所當然的
    • 14. 非常 it was well good or well bad! 太好了!


    • 1. well, really! 啊,真是的! well, who would have thought it! 哎呀,誰會想到那兒去呢!
    • 2. 好啦 well, thank goodness that's over! 好啦,謝天謝地,這事總算過去了! well, that's too bad 唉,太倒霉了
    • 3. well, I think so 哦,我想是吧 she called me a fool — well, so what? 她叫我傻子──哦,那又怎麼樣?
    • 4. 好吧 well, you may be right 好吧,可能你是對的 well, you have a point, but ... 是啊,你有道理,但是…
    • 5. 那麼 well, as I was saying, ... 嗯,正如我剛才說的,… he said he'd kill himself — well, did he? 他說他要自殺──那麼他自殺了嗎?
    • 6. 對了 she is four, well, four and a half to be precise 她4個月,對了,準確地說,是4個半月大
    • 7. 就這樣 well, I’d better be going now 就這樣,我現在該走了


    • 1. is he coming as well? 他也來嗎? you know as well as I do ... 你和我一樣清楚…


    • 1. 除…之外 to work on Saturday as well as on Sunday 星期天和星期六都工作 you know as well as I do 你我都知道


    1. a shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas

    2. a plentiful source or supply