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  1. wipe ... out

    • ph.
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    • ph.
    • 1. 擦拭(盆、碗等)的內部

      This vase wasn't wiped out properly before it was put away. 這個花瓶沒擦乾淨就收起來了。

    • 2. 除去或取消某事物

      wipe out one's debts 還清債務

      This year's losses have wiped out last year's profits. 今年虧損把去年的贏利都賠光了。

    • 3. 徹底消滅或摧毀某事物

      Whole villages were wiped out in the bombing raids. 整座整座的村莊都在轟炸中摧毀了。

      The government is trying to wipe out drug trafficking. 政府竭力清除毒品買賣活動。

    • ph. 去除; 消滅, 徹底摧毀

    • The earth quake wiped out the town. 地震摧毀了那個城市。

      The invading army was wiped out. 入侵部隊被殲滅了。

    • vt. 把…的裡面擦乾淨

    • vt. 把…的裡面擦乾淨

    • ph. 消滅;徹底摧毀

    • They have wiped out the enemy's major military targets. 他們已徹底摧毀了敵人的主要軍事目標。

    • 失敗,大丟醜

    • ph. 消除,消滅,還清

    • ph. 精疲力竭的

    • ph. 掃除文盲

    • ph. 雪恥

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