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  1. wipe

    • IPA[waɪp]



    • vt.
    • n.
    • 過去式:wiped 過去分詞:wiped 現在分詞:wiping

    • 名詞複數:wipes

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    • 1. I'll wipe the table 我來抹桌子 she wiped her feet on the mat 她在墊子上蹭了蹭腳
    • 2. 擦去 he wiped the sweat from his brow 他抹去了額頭上的汗水 I tried to wipe the whole episode from my mind 我努力想把那整段經歷從頭腦裡徹底抹去
    • 3. 抹掉; 擦掉
    • 4. 塗上
    • 5. 用…擦 he wiped the handkerchief across his forehead 他用手帕擦了擦前額


    • 1. 擦拭 to give sth. a wipe 擦拭某物
    • 2. 濕紙巾 an antiseptic wipe 消毒紙巾 a hand wipe 手帕紙
    • 3. 劃變


    1. clean or dry (something) by rubbing with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand

    2. remove (dirt or moisture) from something by wiping

    3. remove or eliminate (something) completely

    • wipe的名詞複數
    • wipe的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • ph.
      擦拭(盆、碗等)的內部 This vase wasn't wiped out properly before it was put away. 這個花瓶沒擦乾淨就收起來了。
    • ph.
      去除; 消滅, 徹底摧毀 The earth quake wiped out the town. 地震摧毀了那個城市。 The invading army was wiped out. 入侵部隊被殲滅了。
    • ph.
      擦乾淨 Don't bother to wipe up the dishes, just put them on the table. 碟子不用擦乾, 把他們放在桌子上就得了。 He wiped up the spilt milk on the wooden floor. 他揩掉了潑在地板上的牛奶。
    • ph.
      擦掉, 去掉 I am afraid this paint won't wipe off. 我怕這種塗料是擦不掉的。 An unexpected legacy enabled him to wipe off the debt on his house. 一筆意外的遺產, 使他能還清買房子欠下的債。
    • ph.
      擦乾淨 When you have washed the car, wipe it down well. 你把汽車沖洗過後, 要好好用布揩拭一下。
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    • KK[waɪp]
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    • vt.
      揩,擦;揩乾;擦淨[O8] wipe one's hands 撒手;洗手不幹;和……斷絕關係 Please wipe the table with a dry cloth. 請用乾抹布擦桌子。
    • vi.
      擦;抹,揩 The paint won't wipe off easily. 這油漆不容易擦掉。
    • n.
      擦,揩[C] Give the table a good wipe. 把桌子好好擦一下。
    • 擦拭,用力打擦,揩,消除,塗上,拭去打