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  1. write down

    • ph.
      (在紙上)寫下, 記載;降低(地位或身分)
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    • 1. (在紙上)寫下, 記載 Write your idea down while it's clear in your mind. 當你的想法在頭腦中清晰時, 就明確地把它寫下來。 That is a good idea. You'd better write it down before you forget it. 這個主意很不錯, 你最好就著沒忘記, 把它寫下來。
    • 2. 降低(地位或身分)
    • 3. 寫文章貶低(或詆毀)
    • 4. 為低水平讀者寫作 When you write for this magazine, you almost have to write down to the readers' level. 你為這份雜誌寫稿時, 要寫通俗一點, 以迎合讀者。
    • 5. 降低...的帳面價值 The boss wants to write down an asset. 老板想減低一項資產的帳面價值。 the written-down value of the unsold stock 被降低了的存貨價格


    (在紙上)寫下, 記載