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  1. action

    • IPA[ˈækʃn]



    • n.
    • vt.
      實施; 採取; 處理
    • 名詞複數:actions

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    • 1. 行動 to take action (against sb./sth.) (針對某人/某事物)採取行動 a man/woman of action 實幹的男人/女人
    • 2. 作戰 to see (some) action 經歷戰鬥 to be killed in action 陣亡
    • 3. 情節 the action of the drama takes place in antiquity 劇中的故事發生在古代 action! 開拍!
    • 4. 訴訟 to institute or bring an action against sb. 起訴某人
    • 5. 機械裝置 the piano had a very stiff action 那架鋼琴的琴鍵很緊
    • 6. 動作
    • 7. 作用 the action of salt on ice causes it to melt 鹽作用於冰使其融化


    • 1. 實施; 採取; 處理


    1. the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

    2. the way in which something such as a chemical has an effect or influence

    3. exciting or notable activity

    4. a thing done; an act

    5. armed conflict

    6. a military engagement

    7. legal proceedings; a lawsuit

    • action的名詞複數
    • ph.
      在積極活動中 He is a very good footballer; You ought to see him in action. 他是一位出色的足球運動員, 你應該看他踢球。
    • ph.
      採取行動 We have to take action to stop them. 我們得採取行動來制止他們。
    • ph.
      (鼓勵僱用和錄取少數民族及女性或改善其受教育機會等的, 防止種族與性別歧視的)積極行動
    • ph.
      實施; 進行其活動 put a plan into action 將計劃付諸實施 At daybreak the troops went into action. 拂曉時部隊投入戰鬥。
    • 壓動式的
    • n.
    • adj.
      定時的 a delayed-action camera/shutter/bomb 定時相機/快門/炸彈
    • n.
      後衛戰鬥 to fight a rearguard action against sth./sb. 與某組織/某人打一場後衛戰
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    • KK[ˋækʃən]
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    • n.
      行動;行為;活動[U][C] The quick action of the firemen saved the building from being burned down. 消防隊員行動及時,該建築物方免遭焚毀。