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  1. work

    • IPA[wɜːk]



    • n.
      工作; 勞動;職業
    • npl.
    • vi.
    • vt.
      使…工作;工作於; 在某地賣淫; 在某地行乞
    • 過去式:worked 過去分詞:worked 現在分詞:working

    • 名詞複數:works

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    • 1. 工作; 勞動 research work 研究工作 the work of the Red Cross 紅十字會的工作
    • 2. 職業 full-time/part-time work 全職/兼職工作 to be out of work 失業
    • 3. 工作場所 to go to/leave work 上班/下班 to leave for work 去上班
    • 4. 工作材料 to take one's work into the garden 把活兒帶到花園裡做 to bring work home from the office 把辦公室的事情帶回家做
    • 5. 工作成果; 產品 sb.'s life's work 某人一生的成果 the work of craftsmen 手藝人做的活計
    • 6. 作品 sb.'s latest/last/early work 某人的最新/最後/早期作品 the works of Schubert 舒伯特的作品
    • 7. 作為 he will be remembered for his work 他將因其作為而名留青史 I hope you're pleased with your work 我希望你對自己的所作所為感到滿意
    • 8.


    • 1. 工廠 works canteen 工廠食堂
    • 2. 工程 public works 公共工程


    • 1. 工作 to work at the hospital 在醫院工作 to work 8 hours a day 一天工作8小時
    • 2. 努力 to work at or doing sth. 努力做某事 to work against/for sth. 努力反對/爭取某事物
    • 3. 運轉 to work on electricity/gas 利用電力/燃氣運行 the machine works by electricity 這臺機器是電動的
    • 4. 起作用 to work both ways 產生兩方面的作用 to work in sb.'s favour or to sb.'s advantage 對某人有利
    • 5. 奏效 these pills aren't working 這些藥片不管用 the adaptation really works 改編得很成功
    • 6. 逐漸移動 vibration caused the safety valve to work loose 震動使安全閥鬆掉了
    • 7. 抽搐 his face worked with or in anger 他氣得面部抽搐


    • 1. 使…工作 to work sb. hard/to death 使某人勞累/累得要死
    • 2. 工作於; 在某地賣淫; 在某地行乞 to work nights or the night shift 上夜班 to work an area 在某地推銷
    • 3. 操作 to work a lathe 操作車床 the machine is worked by electricity 這臺機器是電動的
    • 4. 開採 to work the land 種地 to work the system 利用體制牟利
    • 5. 產生; 實現 to work miracles 創造奇跡 the landscape worked its magic on me 這景色令我著迷
    • 6. 加工 to work clay/dough 製陶/揉麵團 to work sth. into shape/a finished piece 把某物加工成型/加工成成品
    • 7. 使…激動 to work listeners into a patriotic fervour 激起聽眾的愛國熱情
    • 8. 縫製; 繡製; 編織 to work a design/pattern on sth. 在某物上繡圖案/花樣
    • 9. 慢慢轉動 to work a ring off one's finger 把戒指從手指上慢慢鬆脫下來 to work a few jokes into one's speech 設法在講話中添加幾個笑話
    • 10. 使…移動 to work sth. up and down/from side to side 上下/來回扳動 to work sth. clear 把…移開
    • 11. 鍛煉


    1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result

    2. work as a means of earning income; employment

    3. a task or tasks to be undertaken

    4. a thing or things done or made; the result of an action

    5. a literary or musical composition or other piece of art

    6. the artistic production of a particular author, composer, or artist, regarded collectively

    7. a place or premises in which industrial or manufacturing processes are carried out

    8. the operative part of a clock or other machine

    9. everything needed, desired, or expected

    10. be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result; do work

    11. be employed in a specified occupation or field

    12. (of a machine or system) function, especially properly or effectively

    13. (with reference to a machine or machine part) be or cause to be in operation

    14. (of a plan or method) have the desired result or effect

    15. produce as a result

    16. use one's persuasive power to stir the emotions of


    「1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result」的反義字

    「2. be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result; do work」的反義字

    「3. (of a plan or method) have the desired result or effect」的反義字

    • adj.
      有工作的; 從事體力勞動的 a working mother 在職母親 the working population of the country 這個國家的勞動人口
    • n.
      製作; 加工 the working of 對…的加工 the working of a bowl from a piece of clay or of a piece of clay into a bowl 用黏土做成碗的加工過程
    • npl.
      運轉 the workings of a machine/an organization/a system 機器/機構/系統的運轉 the workings of the human mind 人腦活動
    • adj.
    • n.
    • adj.
    • work的名詞複數
    • ph.
      按某種方式發展; 結果 How will things work out? 事情將成什麼樣子呢? Things worked out quite well. 事情的結果很不錯。
    • ph.
      逐步建立, 逐步發展 They have worked up the factory from almost nothing. 他們幾乎白手起家逐步建立起那個工廠。 They worked up a market for their products. 他們為自己的產品逐步開闊市場。
    • ph.
      創造奇跡 This new medicine has worked wonders for my backache. 這種新藥對我的背痛有意想不到的療效。 Modern science worked wonders in life. 現代科學在我們生活中創造奇蹟。
    • ph.
      在某場所工作 They work in the same building in Taipei. 他們在台北的同一幢大樓裡工作。
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    • n.
      工作;勞動;作業;事[U] It takes a lot of work to dig a deep well. 挖一口深井很費事。
    • vi.
      工作,勞動,幹活[(+at/on)] She works in a restaurant. 她在一家飯店工作。
    • vt.
      使工作,使幹活[O] Don't work yourself to death. 別拼命做了。