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  1. drive

    • IPA[draɪv]



    • vt.
      開; 開車送;操作
    • vi.
      開車; 乘車;行駛; 操作
    • n.
      驅車旅行; 車程;私人車道
    • 過去式:drove 過去分詞:driven 現在分詞:driving

    • 名詞複數:drives

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    • 1. 開; 開車送 we drove 500 km in one day 我們一天行駛了500公里 to drive a vehicle into a garage/car park/space 把車駛進車房/停車場/停車位
    • 2. 操作
    • 3. 驅動
    • 4. 釘; 擰; 打; 推動; 吹; 沖 huge waves drove the boat against the rocks 巨浪把船打到礁石上 the clouds were driven across the sky 雲朵被吹過天空
    • 5. 猛擊; 從球座打出
    • 6. 闢出; 鑿; 打 to drive a passage through the enemy ranks 從敵軍隊伍中殺出一條路
    • 7. 使…被理解 to drive sth. into sb.'s head 使某人記住某事物 to drive sth. home (to sb.) 把某事(對某人)講清楚
    • 8. 驅趕 to drive sb. from/out of sth. 把某人從某地驅除出去 to be driven out of the market 被擠出市場
    • 9. 打消 to drive evil thoughts from one's mind 打消腦子裡的壞念頭 he tried to drive her out of his thoughts 他試圖不再想她
    • 10. 迫使; 迫使…過分勞累 to drive sb. into debt 逼得某人負債 to drive sb. insane/mad/out of their mind 把某人逼瘋


    • 1. 開車; 乘車 he drove in luxury to the airport 他乘豪華車去機場 I drove into a ditch 我把車開到溝裡了
    • 2. 行駛; 操作 a car had driven into the garden fence 一輛汽車撞上了花園的柵欄 it's not an attractive car, but it drives well 這部車不起眼,但是很好開
    • 3. 迅猛襲來 the hail was driving in my face 冰雹劈頭蓋頂地砸到我臉上 the rain drove horizontally across the field 大雨橫掃田野
    • 4. 抽球; 發球


    • 1. 驅車旅行; 車程 to go/come for a drive 去/來開車兜風 to take sb. for a drive 開車帶某人兜風
    • 2. 私人車道
    • 3. 72 Queen's Drive 女王路72號
    • 4. 傳動 a belt/chain/fluid/electric drive 皮帶/鏈條/液壓/電傳動 a car with right-/left-hand drive 右/左座駕駛汽車
    • 5. 驅動器
    • 6. 抽球; 發球 an off drive 正手抽球 a strong forehand drive 有力的正手擊球
    • 7. 驅趕 a grouse drive 圍趕松雞
    • 8. 圍攻
    • 9. 運動 a drive to do/against/for/towards sth. 做/反對/爭取/為某事的運動 a sales/charity drive 推銷/慈善活動
    • 10. 幹勁
    • 11. 慾望 a drive for/to do sth. 對某事物/做某事的慾望 to have a drive for perfection 追求完美
    • 12. 比賽 a bingo/bridge/whist drive 賓戈牌/橋牌/惠斯特牌比賽


    1. operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle

    2. convey (someone) in a vehicle, especially a private car

    3. propel or carry along by force in a specified direction

    4. force (a stake or nail) into place by hitting or pushing it

    5. urge or force (animals or people) to move in a specified direction

    6. (of a fact or feeling) compel (someone) to act in a particular way, especially one that is considered undesirable or inappropriate

    7. force (someone) to work to an excessive extent

    8. a trip or journey in a car

    9. a short road leading from a public road to a house or other building

    10. an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need

    11. determination and ambition to achieve something

    12. an organized effort by a number of people to achieve a purpose

    13. an organized gathering to play whist or another game, involving many players


    「1. operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle」的反義字

    「2. determination and ambition to achieve something」的反義字

    • pt
    • n.
      畜群 a drove of cattle 一群牛
    • n.[C]
    • drive的動詞過去式
    • drive的名詞複數
    • 驅動程式


    • 駕駛,drive的過去式畜群


    • ph.
      開車外出 She has just driven out. 她剛開車出去。
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    • DJ[draiv]


    • n.
      駕車旅行;(開車)兜風;車程[C] We went for a drive in the afternoon. 我們下午開車出去兜風。
    • vt.
      駕駛(汽車等) I don't know how to drive a carriage. 我不會駕馬車。
    • vi.
      開車 It is dangerous to drive after drinking. 酒後開車危險。
    • 驅動器,駕車,快車道,推進力,驅動,動力,擊球開車,驅使,推動,駕駛開車