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  1. ahead

    • IPA[əˈhed]



    • adv.
    • prep
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    • 1. 向前 I'll run ahead and warn them 我要跑上前頭去警告他們 we've sent Joe on ahead 我們已經派喬到前面去了
    • 2. 今後 the months ahead 以後幾個月 to apply at least a year ahead 至少提前一年提出申請
    • 3. 領先; 向領先地位 he was slightly ahead on points 他點數上略佔先 another goal put them ahead 又進一球使他們領先
    • 4. 先進 to be ahead in physics 在物理學方面領先


    • 1. 在…的前面
    • 2. 早於 to be three seconds ahead of the next competitor 比下一名選手快了三秒 our rivals are one year ahead of us 我們的對手比我們早了一年
    • 3. 等待著 they had a long drive ahead of them 他們還要開很長時間的車 there are difficult times ahead of us 我們面臨著困難時期
    • 4. 領先於 she was always well ahead of the rest of the class 她總是遙遙領先班上其他同學 to be ahead of one's time 超越時代


    1. further forward in space; in the line of one's forward motion

    2. further forward in time; in the near future

    3. in the lead


    「1. further forward in space; in the line of one's forward motion」的反義字

    「2. further forward in time; in the near future」的反義字

    「3. in the lead」的反義字

    • ph.
      成功; 能存些錢; 償清債務 She got ahead by sheer determination. 她完全靠決心取得了成功。 After father pays all the medical bills, maybe we can get a little money ahead and buy a car. 在父親付清了全部醫療費以後, 我們也許可以積一點錢買輛汽車。
    • ph.
      進行; 發生 Despite the bad weather, the fete will go ahead. 儘管天氣不好, 遊樂會照樣舉行。 The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 新橋的修建將按計劃進行。
    • ph.
      堅決地繼續(進行某事物); 堅持(做某事) The firm is pressing ahead with the modernization plan. 公司竭力實施現代化計劃。
    • ph.
      繼續前進; 繼續做某事 push ahead with one's plans 堅決按自己的計劃行事
    • ph.
    • ph.
      向前看; 為將來打算 Have you looked ahead to what you'll be doing in five years time? 你是否想過五年後你要做些什麼? We must look ahead before we make a decision. 我們作出決定之前必須想得遠一點。
    • ph.
      高速前進; (在賽跑等運動中)進入領先地位 One horse forged ahead, leaving the others behind. 有一匹馬跑在最前面, 把其他的馬拋在後面。
    • ph.
      飛速前進 Japan is galloping ahead in the race to develop new technologies. 日本在發展新技術的競爭中突飛猛進。
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    • KK[əˋhɛd]
    • DJ[əˋhed]


    • adv.
      在前;向前 The hills ahead are not wooded. 前面的山上沒有生長樹木。