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  1. behind

    • IPA[bɪˈhaɪnd]



    • adv.
      在背後; 向後;留在原處
    • prep.
      在…的後面; 向…的後面;隱藏在…後面
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:behinds

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    • 1. 在背後; 向後 from behind 從後面 he grabbed her from behind 他從背後抓住了她
    • 2. 留在原處 to stay or remain behind 留下來 to keep sb. behind 把某人留下
    • 3. 在後面 the car behind 後面的汽車 winter is not far behind 冬天即將到來
    • 4. 落後 two goals behind 落後兩個球 to be far or a long way behind 遠遠落後
    • 5. 滯後 to be weeks/years behind 滯後好幾週/好幾年 to be behind with or in sth. 積壓
    • 6. 拖欠 to be behind with sth. 拖欠


    • 1. 在…的後面; 向…的後面 look behind you 回頭看看你背後 the mountains behind the town 城鎮後面的山巒
    • 2. 隱藏在…後面 the hatred behind his apparent friendliness 藏在他友善外表下面的仇恨 the real story behind the news 新聞背後的實情
    • 3. 作為…的原因 the man behind the plan 制定計劃的人 what is behind his actions? 他的動機是甚麼?
    • 4. 支持; 指引 to be (solidly) behind sb. (堅決)支持某人 he has no family behind him 他沒有家人的支持
    • 5. 落後於 to be behind the others 落後於其他人 we're 3 points behind the other team 我們比另一支隊伍落後了3分
    • 6. 成為…的過去 those days are behind me now 對我來說,那些日子已經過去了 he has three years' experience behind him 他已經有3年的經驗了


    • 1. 屁股 he needs a kick in the behind 他需要鞭策


    1. at or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it

    2. following or further back than (another member of a moving group)

    3. in support of or giving guidance to (someone else)

    4. controlling or responsible for (an event or plan)

    5. less advanced than (someone or something) in achievement or development

    6. in a particular place after leaving or after others have moved on

    7. further back than other members of a moving group

    8. late in accomplishing a task

    9. in arrears


    「1. at or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it」的反義字

    「2. following or further back than (another member of a moving group)」的反義字

    「3. further back than other members of a moving group」的反義字

    「4. late in accomplishing a task」的反義字

    「5. in arrears」的反義字

    • ph.
      遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點 The train was 10 minutes behind time. 火車晚到了十分鐘。 The plane was an hour behind time. 班機誤點一小時。
    • ph.
      【口】被關押; 坐牢 The murderer is now safely behind bars. 殺人犯現在已被關押, 不能為害了。
    • ph.
      未能或忘記帶 Wait -- don't leave me behind! 等等--別把我丟下! It won't rain: you can leave your umbrella behind. 不會下雨, 你不必帶傘了。
    • ph.
      尋究 He went behind her words. 他推敲她話中的含義。
    • ph.
      留下, 忘了帶; 落後 Take care not to leave anything behind. 當心別丟下東西。 I was left behind in the race. 我在賽跑中落在後面。
    • ph.
      遲了, 延誤; 支持, 幫助; 解釋, 找出理由 If your payments of rent get behind, you will be asked to leave. 如果你拖欠房租, 房東就會要你搬走。 We got behind Mary to be class president. 我們支持瑪麗當班長。
    • ph.
      完全支持 I am right behind you. 我百分之百支持你。 Quite a four students are right behind Mr. Lin. 許多學生百分之百支持林老師。
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    • KK[bɪˋhaɪnd]
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    • prep.
      在……的背後;在……的後面;向……的背後 There is a garden behind the house. 屋後有個花園。
    • adv.
      在背後;向背後 Mary drove. Her ten-year-old daughter sat behind. 瑪麗開車,她的十歲的女兒坐在背後。
    • n.
      【口】屁股[C] Little Tom gave him a kick in the behind. 小湯姆在他屁股上踢了一腳。
    • 在後面,落後在…後面,落後於