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  1. apart

    • IPA[əˈpɑːt]



    • adv.
      相隔;分開地; 疏遠地
    • prep
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    • 1. 相隔 the trees were planted 10 metres apart 這些樹每隔10米種一棵 stand with one's feet or legs apart 叉開腿站著
    • 2. 分開地; 疏遠地 they need to be kept apart 得讓他們分開生活 she keeps herself apart from other people 她與其他人保持距離
    • 3. 在一邊 he took me apart for a quiet talk 他把我帶到一邊私下談話
    • 4. 除外 dogs apart, I don't like animals 除了狗,我不喜歡動物
    • 5. 與眾不同地 a race/world apart 獨特的種族/世界 his work is in a class apart 他的作品別具一格
    • 6. 有分歧地 to be worlds apart from ... 與…截然不同 we are very far apart on the subject of immigration 我們對移民問題的看法大相徑庭
    • 7. 零碎地 he had the TV apart on the floor 他把電視機放在地板上拆散了


    • 1. 除了…外(別無) the car was empty apart from the dog 車上空空的,只有這條狗
    • 2. 除了…外(還有) apart from being illegal, it's also dangerous 這事不但違法,還有危險


    1. (of two or more people or things) separated by a specified distance in time or space

    2. no longer living together or close emotionally

    3. to or on one side; at a distance from the main body

    4. so as to be shattered; into pieces

    • ph.
      拆開; 仔細檢查, 仔細分析 He took the lawn mower apart, but failed to locate the trouble. 他把除草機拆開, 但找不出毛病在哪裡。 They took apart every detail of the alibi. 他們對被告聲稱當時不在犯罪現場的証據逐一仔細檢查。
    • ph.
      留下將來使用; 忽視; 拒絕 I have set some hours apart specially for writing my paper. 我已專門留出幾小時來寫我的論文。
    • ph.
      分辨 Can you tell the twin sisters apart? 你分得清這兩個孿生姐妹嗎?
    • ph.
      嚴肅地說; 認真地說 Joking apart, you ought to smoke fewer cigarettes, you know. 說正經的, 你應該少吸點兒菸了, 知道嗎?
    • ph.
      完全不同, 有天壤之別 Their ways of life are worlds apart. 他們的生活方式真是有天壤之別。
    • ph.
      破裂; 摔碎 The teapot just came apart in my hands. 茶壺就在我手中裂開了。 The camera just came apart the first time he used it. 這相機在他第一次使用時就破了。
    • ph.
      扯斷; 撕開 You can easily pull it apart. 你很容易就能把它扯斷。
    • ph.
      區別 The two brothers are very much alike. You literally can't tell them apart. 這兩兄弟非常相像, 你簡直無法把他們區分開來。
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    • KK[əˋpɑrt]
    • DJ[əˋpɑ:t]


    • adv.
      分開地,有距離地[(+from)] He lives apart from his family. 他與家人不住在一起。 At that time we were never apart. 那時我們從不分開。