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  1. here

    • IPA[hɪə(r)]



    • adv.
    • excl
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    • 1. 在這裡 we're over here 我們在這裡 in/up here 在這裡面/上面
    • 2. 到這裡 come over here 過來吧 can you bring it here? 你把它帶過來好嗎?
    • 3. 這裡 ask this lady here 問一問這位女士吧 this paragraph here needs to be deleted 這一段得刪除
    • 4. Matthew Brown? — here! 馬休·布朗?──到!
    • 5. 來了 here's my brother 我弟弟來了 here we are at last 我們終於到了
    • 6. 在這一點上 here I disagree with you 在這一點上,我和你看法不同
    • 7. 此時 the countdown to Christmas starts here 現在開始聖誕節倒計時 here's our chance to escape 我們逃跑的機會來了


    • 1. here, hang on a minute! 喂,等一下!


    1. in, at, or to this place or position

    2. used when indicating a time, point, or situation that has arrived or is happening

    • n.
    • ph.
      【口】用以表示即將做某事(尤指新的、令人興奮的或冒險的事物) Well, here goes -- wish me luck! 那麼, 看我的吧--祝我走運吧!
    • ph.
      在這裡附近 He went to a store near here to buy two big boxes. 他去這裡附近的一家商店買二個大箱子。
    • ph.
      此地, 就在這裡 I want you to say sorry right here and now. 我要你就在這裡馬上道歉。 I saw it right here five minutes ago. 五分鐘之前我就在這裡看見它的啊!
    • ph.
      【口】我也一樣; 我同意 I hate this book. Same here. “我不喜歡這本書。”“我也不喜歡。” I'm not very good at history. Same here. “我歷史學得不太好。” “我也是。”
    • ph.
      【文】在塵世間 Life goes on for those of us who remain here below. 對於我們凡人來說, 生活在繼續。
    • ph.
      (用以表示抗議或叫某人注意)喂; 嗨 Now look here, it wasn't my fault that we missed the train. 喂, 咱們誤了火車可不是我的錯。 Look here, I'm not having you make remarks like that about my sister. 哎, 我不許你們說我妹妹這種話。
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    • KK[hɪr]
    • DJ[hiə]


    • adv.
      這裡,在這裡;向這裡 We live here in winter. 我們冬天住在這裡。
    • n.
      這裡 My hometown is 100 miles away from here. 我的家鄉離這裡有一百英里路。
    • int.
      (用以引起注意等)喂!嘿! Here, don't cry. 得啦,別哭了。 Here! What are you doing? 喂!你在幹什麼?
    • 在這裏,在此處這裏,此處