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  1. into

    • IPA[ˈɪntuː]



    • prep.
      到…裡;向…內; 掐進某物/某人皮膚
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    • 1. 到…裡 to go into the room/building 走進房間/建築物 to go into town 進城
    • 2. 向…內; 掐進某物/某人皮膚 to go into sth./sb. 扎進某物/捅到某人身上 to soak into sth. 滲入某物
    • 3. 向著 to look straight into the sun 盯著太陽看 to speak into a microphone 對著麥克風講話
    • 4. 碰上 to bump/crash into sth. 撞到/猛撞到某物
    • 5. 進入…狀態 to fall into a heavy sleep 陷入沉睡 to get into bad habits 養成壞習慣
    • 6. 成為 to change sth. into sth. 把某物變成某物 to change into a butterfly 變成蝴蝶
    • 7. 以…為結果 to be shocked into a confession 被嚇得招認
    • 8. 關於 to research into sth. 對某事物進行研究 an investigation into sth. 有關某事物的調查
    • 9. several minutes into the second half 下半場開始後幾分鐘 she is into the fourth month of her pregnancy 她已進入孕期的第四個月了
    • 10. 延續到 to continue or last well into 2006 一直持續到2006年 to do sth. far or long into the night 做某事直到深夜
    • 11. 5 into 20 is 4 5除20等於4
    • 12. 迷上 to be into sth. 迷上某物 to be into sb. 十分喜歡某人
    • ph.
      穿上(衣服等)(尤指費力地) I can't get into these shoes; they're too small. 這雙鞋太小了, 我穿不進去。
    • ph.
      強行進入某處 The thief broke into my house and stole my wife's furcoat. 那竊賊潛入我的住宅並偷走了我妻子的皮衣。 His house was broken into last week. 上星期有人闖入他的房屋(如竊賊)。
    • ph.
      陷於(錯誤等); 陷入(某種狀態) They were on their way to the library. Bob, who was thinking about his homework, fell into a hole. 他們正要去圖書館。鮑伯正在想他的家庭作業, 就掉進一個洞裡。
    • ph.
      偶然碰到 I just happened to run into him at the bank. 我碰巧在銀行裡遇見了他。
    • ph.
      【口】刻苦鑽研(學科等) He is digging into Chinese history. 他正在鑽研中國歷史。
    • ph.
      下沈到 The sun is dipping swiftly into the sea. 太陽正迅速沈下海面。
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    • KK[ˋɪntu]
    • DJ[ˋintu:]


    • prep.
      (表示動作的方向)到……裡 The man walked into the house in the dark. 那人摸黑走進了屋內。
    • 進入…之內,深入…之中,成為…狀況