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  1. screen

    • IPA[skriːn]



    • n.
      屏風; 圍屏;銀幕
    • vt.
      遮蔽; 保護;播放; 放映
    • 過去式:screened 過去分詞:screened 現在分詞:screening

    • 名詞複數:screens

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    • 1. 屏風; 圍屏 there were screens over the windows to keep out mosquitoes 窗戶上裝了防蚊的紗窗 a bullet-proof glass screen 防彈玻璃屏
    • 2. 銀幕 the (big) screen 電影 a screen role/actor/debut 電影角色/演員/首映
    • 3. 屏幕 a television/radar screen 電視/雷達屏幕 a 20-inch screen 20英寸屏幕
    • 4. 粗篩


    • 1. 遮蔽; 保護 to screen sth. from sth. 使某物遮擋住某物 we're pretty well screened from the wind by the railway embankment 鐵路路基為我們擋了很多風
    • 2. 播放; 放映
    • 3.
    • 4. 篩選; 篩查 to screen women for cervical cancer 為婦女做宮頸癌篩查


    1. a fixed or movable upright partition used to divide a room, give shelter from draughts, heat, or light, or to provide concealment or privacy

    2. a thing providing concealment or protection

    3. a frame with fine wire netting used in a window or doorway to keep out mosquitoes and other flying insects

    4. a flat panel or area on an electronic device such as a television, computer, or smartphone, on which images and data are displayed

    5. a large sieve or riddle, especially one for sorting substances such as grain or coal into different sizes

    6. conceal, protect, or shelter (someone or something) with a screen or something forming a screen

    7. separate something from something else with or as if with a screen

    8. show (a film or video) or broadcast (a television programme)

    9. check on or investigate (someone), typically to ascertain whether they are suitable for or can be trusted in a particular situation or job

    10. pass (a substance such as grain or coal) through a large sieve or screen, especially so as to sort it into different sizes

    • screen的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • screen的名詞複數
    • 放映


    • ph.
      篩去, 過濾 This is the test to screen out people who would not do the job well. 這是一次考試, 這次考試將篩選掉不合適做這項工作的人。
    • ph.
      遮蔽, 隱藏; 包庇, 庇護 Sunglasses will screen your eyes from the harmful rays. 太陽鏡將保護你的眼睛不受有害射線的傷害。 I'm willing to screen you from trouble. 我願意掩護你不受譴責。
    • n.
    • adj.
      寬屏的 a wide screen TV 寬屏電視
    • adj.
      畫外的; 非屏幕上的
    • adv.
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    • KK[skrin]
    • DJ[skri:n]


    • n.[C]
      屏;幕;簾;帳;隔板 He hid behind the screen and overheard their conversation. 他躲在簾子後面,偷聽到他們的談話。
    • vt.
      掩蔽;遮護;包庇[(+from)] The tall grass screened the enemy's movements. 草叢隱蔽了敵人的活動。
    • vi.
      (適合於)上銀幕 That play screens well. 那部戲適於拍電影。
    • 螢幕,銀幕,屏風,掩蔽物,遮罩,篩子掩蔽,放映,拍攝,掩護,篩