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  1. stack

    • IPA[stæk]



    • n.
    • npl.
    • vt.
      把…疊起來; 把…堆成垛;在…上堆放
    • vi.
    • 過去式:stacked 過去分詞:stacked 現在分詞:stacking

    • 名詞複數:stacks

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    • 1. 一疊 a stack of plates 一摞盤子 to put the chairs together into a stack 把椅子疊放在一起
    • 2. a stack of straw 稻草垛
    • 3. 煙囪; 排氣管 to blow one's stack 發脾氣
    • 4. 分層盤旋的待降機群 to hold aircraft in a stack 讓飛機分層盤旋等待著陸
    • 5. 岩柱
    • 6. (存貯)棧
    • 7. 組合音響
    • 8. 大量 she's got a stack of clothes 她有許多衣服 there has been a whole stack of complaints 有一大堆投訴


    • 1. 大量 I've got stacks of time/things to do 我有的是時間/有一大堆事情要做 to have stacks of money 有大把大把的錢


    • 1. 把…疊起來; 把…堆成垛 to stack sth. into neat piles 把…整齊地碼放成堆
    • 2. 在…上堆放 to stack the shelves 擺貨物上架 a lorry stacked with boxes of sth. 碼放著一箱箱某物的卡車
    • 3. 對…作弊 to stack the cards (對某人)洗牌作弊 the cards or odds are stacked in favour of/against sb. 情況對某人有利/不利
    • 4. 在…中安插支持者 the committee was stacked 委員會被人暗中控制了
    • 5. 使…分層盤旋待降
    • 6. 使…排隊等候


    • 1. 可疊放 stacking chairs 可疊放的椅子 (not) easily/well stacked (不)容易碼放/碼放得(不)好的
    • 2. 分層盤旋待降


    1. a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged

    2. a large quantity of something

    3. a rectangular or cylindrical pile of hay or straw or of grain in sheaf

    4. a chimney, especially one on a factory, or a vertical exhaust pipe on a vehicle

    5. a column of rock standing in the sea, remaining after erosion of cliffs

    6. arrange (a number of things) in a pile, typically a neat one

    7. fill or cover (a place or surface) with stacks of things


    「1. a large quantity of something」的反義字

    「2. fill or cover (a place or surface) with stacks of things」的反義字

    • adj.
    • stack的名詞複數
    • 成疊的


    • DOS命令:設置堆棧空間的動態分配


    • ph.
      堆起 Stack the books up against the wall, please. 請把這些書靠牆堆放。
    • vt.
      把…疊放起來 to stack up the boxes 把箱子摞起來
    • vi.
    • ph.
      (把……)堆起 They are busy stacking up plates. 他們正忙著把盤子疊起來。
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    • DJ[stæk]


    • n.[C]
      乾草堆,稻草堆,麥稈堆 The grain has gone mouldy in the stack. 垛裡的穀子發霉了。
    • vt.
      把……疊成堆[(+up)] Mother is stacking the plates in the kitchen. 母親在廚房裡把盤子一個個疊起來。
    • vi.
      形成堆 These plates stack well. 這些盤子疊得很平整。
    • 堆棧,堆積堆疊,堆,大量,書庫,槍架,煙囪堆積,堆滿,做牌堆起