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  1. tell

    • IPA[tel]



    • vt.
      講; 告訴; 說;提供; 說明; 顯示
    • vi.
    • 過去式:told 過去分詞:told 現在分詞:telling

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    • 1. 講; 告訴; 說 to tell sb. sth., to tell sth. to sb. 告訴某人某事 to tell the time, 看鐘表
    • 2. 提供; 說明; 顯示 to tell sb. the way (to sth.) 給某人指(去某處的)路 his behaviour told me a great deal about his character 他的行為向我充分顯示了他的性格
    • 3. 確定; 推斷 nobody could tell how he did the trick 誰也不知道他那個戲法是如何變的 who can tell? 誰知道呢?
    • 4. 辨別 to tell sb./sth. from sb./sth. 將某人/某物與某人/某物區分開來 to tell which is which 辨認出哪個是哪個
    • 5. 命令; 指示 tell him yourself! 你自己去跟他說! they told me not to interfere 他們讓我不要干涉


    • 1. 確定 it may rain or it may not; it's very hard to tell 可能下雨,也可能不下,這很難說 you just can't tell with people like that 像那樣的人你可說不準
    • 2. 洩密 promise you won't tell! 你必須答應不說出去! that would be telling 那會洩密的
    • 3. 表明 the lines on his face told of years of hardship 他臉上的一道道皺紋道出了多年來的艱辛 eyes that tell of great happiness 流露出極度喜悅之情的雙眼
    • 4. 產生效果 good breeding tells 良好的教養會有好的效果 her age is beginning to tell 她開始顯老了


    1. communicate information to someone in spoken or written words

    2. order or advise someone to do something

    3. reveal (information) to someone in a non-verbal way

    4. divulge confidential or private information

    5. inform someone of the misdemeanours of

    6. decide or determine correctly or with certainty

    7. perceive (the difference between one person or thing and another)

    8. (of an experience or period of time) have a noticeable, typically harmful, effect on someone


    「1. divulge confidential or private information」的反義字

    • pt
    • tell的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • tell的過去式和過去分詞


    • ph.
      分辨 Can you tell the twin sisters apart? 你分得清這兩個孿生姐妹嗎?
    • ph.
      講述 He told John about it. 他向約翰講述了此事。 Did I ever tell you about the narrow escape we had? 我曾經對你講過有關我們死裡逃生的情況嗎?
    • ph.
      報時 When do children learn to tell (the) time? 小孩甚麼時候學會看時間? My five-year-old brother cannot quite tell (the) time. 我五歲的弟弟還不怎麼會看時間。
    • ph.
      辨別 Can you tell John from his brother? 你能區別約翰和他的弟弟嗎? It's hard to tell Jane from Julie for the twins look so much alike. 簡和萩莉很難分辨, 因為這對雙包胎長得太像了。
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    • KK[tɛl]
    • DJ[tel]


    • vt.
      告訴;講述,說[O1][O5][O6][(+about/of/to)] He told us how the accident happened. 他告訴我們那次事故是怎麼發生的。 She told me that she would be back in an hour. 她告訴我她一個小時內就會回來。
    • vi.
      講述[(+of/about)] The book tells of his sister's life in Japan. 這本書談及他妹妹在日本的生活情況。
    • 說,講述,告訴