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  1. bind

    • IPA[baɪnd]



    • vt.
      捆; 束; 包紮;使結合
    • vi.
      凍結; 黏合;鎖死
    • n.
    • 過去式:bound 過去分詞:bound 現在分詞:binding

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    • 1. 捆; 束; 包紮 to bind sth. into bundles 把某物紮成一捆一捆的 bound and gagged 被捆住手腳塞住嘴
    • 2. 使結合 to bind together 使…關係密切 to bind sb. to sb. 使某人與某人結合在一起
    • 3. 束縛 to bind sb. to sth. 使…受某事物的約束 to bind sb. to secrecy 使某人保證不洩密
    • 4. 凍結; 黏合 bind the mixture with an egg 加一個雞蛋讓混合料黏合在一起
    • 5. 給…鑲邊 the blanket is bound with satin 毛毯以緞子包邊
    • 6. 裝訂


    • 1. 凍結; 黏合
    • 2. 鎖死 when the brakes are applied, the wheels bind 剎車時車輪會抱死


    • 1. 麻煩事 to be a bind 是個麻煩 housework is a real bind 做家務真討厭
    • 2. 困境 to be in a bind 陷入困境


    1. tie or fasten (something) tightly together

    2. bandage (a wound)

    3. stick together or cause to stick together in a single mass

    4. cause (people) to feel united

    5. make a contractual or enforceable undertaking

    6. be hampered or constrained by

    7. trim (the edge of a piece of material) with a decorative strip

    8. a nuisance

    9. a problematical situation


    「1. tie or fasten (something) tightly together」的反義字

    「2. cause (people) to feel united」的反義字

    • bind
    • adj.
      一定的 to be bound to do sth. 一定會做某事 she's bound to know 她肯定知道
    • comb.
    • vt.
      形成…的邊界 the farm is bounded on three sides by marsh 農場三面都是沼澤地
    • n.
    • vi.
      跳越著跑 the horse bounded away from the start 那匹馬從起點衝了出去
    • adj.
      正在前往…的; 準備前往…的 to be bound for ... 準備前往…
    • vi.
      跳躍;跳起 He bounded to his feet and waved good-bye to his friends. 他一躍而起,向朋友們揮手告別。
    • vt.
    • n.[C]
      跳躍 My heart gave a violent bound. 我的心猛跳了一下。
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    • vt.
      捆,綁 They bound him to a stake with a strong rope. 他們用一根結實的繩子將他綁在一根柱子上。
    • vi.
      黏結,黏合 The mixture won't bind without water. 這種混合料不加水黏合不起來。
    • n.[C]


    • abbr.
      = Berkeley Internet Name Domain【電腦】加州伯克萊大學研發及推廣的DNS Server
    • 綁,約束,裝訂,包紮,使結合凝固,有約束力