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  1. spot

    • IPA[spɒt]



    • n.
      點; 斑點;污漬
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:spotted 過去分詞:spotted 現在分詞:spotting

    • 名詞複數:spots

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 點; 斑點 a red dress with white spots 紅底白點的連衣裙 to change one's spots 改變本性
    • 2. 污漬 a grease/rust/blood spot 油漬/鏽斑/血跡 spots of mud 泥點
    • 3. 丘疹; 疤點 to have a spot on one's nose 鼻子上長了個粉刺 to have spots 長青春痘
    • 4. a few spots of rain 幾滴雨
    • 5. 一點 care for a spot of lunch? 想吃點午飯嗎? to have a spot of bother with sth. 某事出了點麻煩
    • 6. 地點; 部位 a good picnic spot 野餐的好去處 a bald spot 禿斑
    • 7. 節目檔; 廣告位 to have a regular five-minute spot on the radio 在廣播中有一檔5分鐘的固定欄目
    • 8. 排名位置 to have or be in the top or number-one spot 排名第一
    • 9. 污點 a spot on sb.'s reputation 某人名譽上的污點 his record is without spot or stain 他的履歷清清白白
    • 10. spotlight


    • 1. 看見 she was spotted at a hotel 有人看見她在一家旅館 to spot that something is wrong 發現有問題
    • 2. 認出 to spot sb. by his beard 通過鬍子認出某人 to spot the difference between two pictures 找出兩張畫的不同之處
    • 3. 使有斑點 she spotted the blue with yellow 她在藍底上打上了黃點 trees spotted the land 地裡稀稀拉拉地長著幾棵樹
    • 4. 使有污漬 to be spotted with grease/mud 滿是油漬/泥點
    • 5. 借給 I'll spot you $500 我會借給你500美元


    • 1. 沾上污漬 the cloth has spotted rather badly 這塊布上沾了很多污漬
    • 2. 探察敵軍位置 to spot for the artillery 為炮兵探明敵軍位置


    1. a small round or roundish mark, differing in colour or texture from the surface around it

    2. a small mark or stain

    3. a particular place or point

    4. a place for an individual item within a show

    5. a pimple

    6. a small amount of something

    7. see, notice, or recognize (someone or something) that is difficult to detect or that one is searching for

    8. mark or become marked with spots

    9. stain or sully the moral character or qualities of

    10. rain slightly

    • adj.
      有斑點的 mud/blood/grease-spotted 沾有泥點/血漬/油漬的
    • adj.
    • spot的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • spot的名詞複數
    • comb.
      (構成形容詞)表示專愛識別……的(如:train-spotting(尤指兒童)專愛看火車的,bird-spotting專愛認 ...
    • 有斑點的,斑紋的,弄汙了的


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    • KK[spɑt]
    • DJ[spɔt]


    • n.[C]
    • vt.
    • vi.
      沾上汙漬;產生汙漬 This silk scarf spots easily. 這塊絲綢圍巾容易沾上汙漬。
    • adj.
      立即的,當場做出的 The union leaders made a spot decision to stage a strike. 工會領導人當場作出罷工的決定。
    • adv.
    • 汙點,地點,斑點,點,缺點,處境,少量當場的,現場的,現貨買賣的點綴