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  1. black

    • IPA[blak]


    • adj.
      of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white;(of the sky or night) completely dark owing to nonvisibility of the sun, moon, or stars
    • n.
      black color or pigment;black clothes or material, typically worn as a sign of mourning
    • v.
      make (something) black; blacken;make (one's face) black with makeup or another substance, as a disguise or to imitate the appearance of a black person.
    • verb: black, 3rd person present: blacks, gerund or present participle: blacking, past tense: blacked, past participle: blacked

    • noun: black, plural noun: blacks

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    • 1. black color or pigment a tray decorated in black and green a series of paintings done only in grays and blacks
    • black clothes or material, typically worn as a sign of mourning dressed in the black of widowhood
    • darkness, especially of night or an overcast sky the only thing visible in the black was the light of the lantern
    • the player of the black pieces in chess or checkers Black's king's defenses are somewhat weakened
    • a black thing, especially a ball or piece in a game.
    • British informal blackcurrant cordial a rum and black
    • 2. the situation of not owing money to a bank or of making a profit in a business operation I managed to break even in the first six months—quite a short time for a small business to get into the black the company just managed to stay in the black
    • 3. a member of a human group having dark-colored skin, especially one of sub-Saharan African ancestry.
    • Australian a person of Australian Aboriginal ancestry.