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  1. break

    • IPA[breɪk]



    • vt.
      打破; 弄斷;折斷
    • vi.
      破裂; 破碎; 折斷; 拉斷;損壞
    • n.
      折斷; 破裂處;裂縫; 空隙
    • 過去式:broke 過去分詞:broken 現在分詞:breaking

    • 名詞複數:breaks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 打破; 弄斷 to break sth. open, to break open sth. 把某物砸開 to break sth. in half or two 把某物一分為二
    • 2. 折斷 to break one's neck 折斷脖子
    • 3. 劃破 the dog bit me, but it didn't break the skin 狗咬了我,但沒咬破皮 to break surface 浮出水面
    • 4. 拆開; 拆分
    • 5. 弄壞
    • 6. 違反; 破壞 to break every rule in the book 違反書中的所有規定 the president broke his word 總裁食言了
    • 7. 衝破 to break the record/speed limit 打破記錄/超速
    • 8. 破壞…的連續性 a group of hills broke the horizon in the distance 遠處的群山矗立在地平線上
    • 9. 打破; 打亂; 打斷; 中斷 to break one's silence 打破緘默
    • 10. 在…中稍停 to break one's journey 在旅途中停留
    • 11. 切斷
    • 12. 減緩…的勢頭 the hedge helps to break the wind 樹籬可擋風 a small tree broke her fall 她摔落時被一棵小樹擋了一下
    • 13. 使…破產
    • 14. 使…垮掉; 瓦解 to break sb.'s/sth.'s hold over sb./sth. 打破某人/某事物對某人/某事物的控制 to break sb.'s spirit/resolve 瓦解某人的精神/決心
    • 15. 衝破; 鎮壓; 中止
    • 16. 接…得分; 接…的發球得分
    • 17. 戒除 to break sb./oneself of a habit 使某人改掉/改掉習慣
    • 18. 透露 to break the news to sb. 向某人透露消息 to break it to sb. gently 婉轉地告知某人此事
    • 19. 破譯
    • 20. 兌開


    • 1. 破裂; 破碎; 折斷; 拉斷 to break in half or two 斷成兩半
    • 2. 損壞
    • 3. 消散
    • 4. 休息 let's break for ten minutes 我們休息10分鐘吧 to break for tea/coffee 休息用茶/咖啡
    • 5. 分開
    • 6. 突變 the heatwave has broken at last 熱浪終於過去了
    • 7. 開始 we'll leave as soon as day breaks 天一亮我們就動身
    • 8. 爆發 the storm broke as they were halfway home 他們回家走到半路時風雨大作
    • 9. 迸濺 to break against/on/over sth. 拍打在某物上濺開
    • 10. 突然傳開 breaking news 突發新聞
    • 11. 掙脫; 脫纜 to break from sth. 掙脫某事物
    • 12.
    • 13. 垮掉; 瓦解; 削弱 to break under sth. 在…之下垮掉 we'll keep going until we break 我們要走到筋疲力盡為止
    • 14. 變調; 變粗 to break with sth. 因…而語不成聲
    • 15. 開球


    • 1. 折斷; 破裂處 a break in an arm/a leg 手臂/腿骨折
    • 2. 裂縫; 空隙 a break in sth. 某物上的縫隙
    • 3. 中斷 a break in sth. 某過程的間斷 a break in a child's education 孩子教育的中斷
    • 4. 間隙; 休息 a break for advertisements or commercials 插播廣告的間歇 to take a break 休息一下
    • 5. 休息 a break from sth. 停下某事休息 to have or take a break (from sth./doing sth.) (停下某事/做某事)休息一下
    • 6. 移行處; 停頓; 省略號; 斷紙
    • 7. 斷開; 斷路
    • 8. 短假 a break from sth. 離開某處的休假 a weekend break in Amsterdam 在阿姆斯特丹的週末度假
    • 9. 決裂 a break with sb./sth. 與某人/某事物的決裂 a break in sth. 在某方面的決裂
    • 10. 突變 a break in the weather 天氣的突變
    • 11. 音調突變 a break in sb.'s voice 某人聲音的突變
    • 12. 逃跑 a prison break 越獄 to make a break for sth./it 向某處逃去/逃跑
    • 13. 機會 to give sb. a break 給某人一次機會 to give sb. an even break 給某人以平等的機會
    • 14. 接發球得分 service break, break of serve 破發球
    • 15. 接連擊中; 開球 to make a 50 point break 連得50分
    • 16. 華彩段


    1. separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain

    2. sustain an injury involving the fracture of a bone or bones in a part of the body

    3. cause a cut or graze in (the skin)

    4. make or become inoperative

    5. succeed in deciphering (a code)

    6. interrupt (a continuity, sequence, or course)

    7. stop proceedings in order to have a pause or vacation

    8. lessen the impact of (a fall)

    9. stop oneself being subject to (a habit)

    10. surpass (a record)

    11. fail to observe (a law, regulation, or agreement)

    12. (of a person's emotional strength or control) give way

    13. destroy the power of (a movement or organization)

    14. (of the weather) change suddenly, especially after a fine spell

    15. (of dawn or a day) begin as the sun rises

    16. (of waves) curl over and dissolve into foam


    「1. separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain」的反義字

    「2. stop proceedings in order to have a pause or vacation」的反義字

    「3. fail to observe (a law, regulation, or agreement)」的反義字