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  1. clear

    • KK[klɪr]
    • DJ[kliə]


    • adj.
    • adv.
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 比較級:clearer 最高級:clearest

    • 過去式:cleared 過去分詞:cleared 現在分詞:clearing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 清澈的,透明的;(皮膚)潔淨的 We could see fish in the clear water. 我們看到清澈的水中有魚。
    • 2. 明亮的;晴朗的 The night was clear and the stars were out. 夜空晴朗,星星都出來了。
    • 3. 清楚的;清晰的;明瞭的;易懂的 Professor Smith gave a clear explanation of the experiment. 史密斯教授對這次實驗做了清晰的講解。 We had a clear view of the mountains. 我們清楚地看到群山。
    • 4. 頭腦清醒的;銳利的 He said she was a lady with a clear mind. 他說她是一位思想敏銳的女士。
    • 5. 顯然的,明顯的[(+to)][+wh-][+(that)] It is becoming clearer to us that they don't want to do that. 我們越來越清楚地看到他們不願做那件事。
    • 6. 無疑的,確信的[F][(+about/of)][+(that)][+wh-] I am not quite clear yet about this. 對此我還不太清楚。
    • 7. 無障礙的;清除了……的[(+of)] The road is clear of snow now. 路上的雪已清除。
    • 8. (時間)未作安排的,空的 Tuesday afternoon is clear. Shall we meet then? 星期二下午有空,我們在那時見面好嗎?
    • 9. 清白的,無罪的[(+of)] Now that I've told you everything, I can leave with a clear conscience. 如今我已將一切都告訴了你,我可以問心無愧地走了。
    • 10. (尤指薪資或利潤)淨得的[B][Z] She earned a clear $100,000. 她淨賺十萬元。
    • 11. 不觸及事物;與某事物有距離[(+of)] The plane climbed until it was clear of the clouds. 飛機爬升穿出了雲層。
    • 12. 完全的;十足的 Allow three clear days for the letter to come. 信要整整三天才能到達。


    • 1. 清晰地,明瞭地 He spoke loud and clear. 他講話聲音大而清楚。
    • 2. 完全地;一直地 The ship sank clear to the bottom of the sea. 那艘船一直沉到海底。
    • 3. 不接近或觸及某事物[(+of)] Stand clear of the doors. 別站在門口擋路。


    • 1. 使乾淨;使明亮[(+of)] We usually clear the water with a filter. 我們通常用過濾器使水淨化。
    • 2. 清除;收拾[(+away/off/from)] She cleared the leftovers from the table. 她清掉桌上的剩飯剩菜。
    • 3. 洗刷(某人)的嫌疑;為(某人)辯白[(+of)] In that case you'll have to clear yourself. 那樣,你只得自行辯白了。
    • 4. 使獲得批准;認可;准予;為(船隻或貨物)結關;通過(海關等)[(+with)] The plan has cleared the committee. 該計畫已獲委員會批准。
    • 5. 通過;跳過;越過;繞過 The truck cleared the tunnel safely. 卡車安全地通過了隧道。
    • 6. 結(帳);償清(債務) David will go there to clear an account. 大衛將到那裡去結清一筆帳。
    • 7. 清算(票據);將(支票)過戶 It takes three days to clear a check. 支票過戶要三天時間。
    • 8. 【口】淨得(利潤,錢等) Mr. Brown cleared a huge profit. 布朗先生淨賺了一大筆利潤。
    • 9. 譯(密碼等)


    • 1. 變乾淨;變清澈;變晴;變清楚 The sky is clearing. 天正晴朗起來。
    • 2. (船隻)結關;結關後離港[(+from)]
    • 3. 交換票據


    vt. 清除;收拾

    vt. 洗刷嫌疑;辯白

    vt. 使乾淨;使明亮

    a. 清澈的;明確的


    「a. 晴朗的;清晰的;明確的」的反義字