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  1. cry

    • IPA[kraɪ]



    • vi.
      哭; 流淚;cry out
    • vt.
      流出;大聲表示; 大聲發出; 叫賣
    • n.
      叫喊; 叫賣聲; 吶喊;叫聲; 吠聲; 大聲疾呼
    • 過去式:cried 過去分詞:cried 現在分詞:crying

    • 名詞複數:cries

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    • 1. 哭; 流淚 to cry about or over sth. 為某事物而哭泣 to cry for sth./sb. 因為某事物/某人而哭泣
    • 2. cry out
    • 3. 鳴; 嗥叫


    • 1. 流出 to cry tears of joy 喜極而泣
    • 2. 大聲表示; 大聲發出; 叫賣 ‘look out!’ he cried “小心!”他喊道


    • 1. 叫喊; 叫賣聲; 吶喊 to utter a cry 發出一聲叫喊 a cry for help 呼救聲
    • 2. 叫聲; 吠聲; 大聲疾呼 to be in full cry 吠叫著緊追不捨 to be in full cry against sb. 激情吶喊反對某人
    • 3. 呼聲; 口號 a cry for/against sth. 支持/反對某事物的呼聲
    • 4. 哭; 一陣哭泣 to have a good cry 大哭一場 to have a cry over sth. 因某事物而哭泣


    1. shed tears in distress, pain, or sorrow

    2. shout or scream in fear, pain, or grief

    3. a loud inarticulate shout or scream expressing a powerful feeling or emotion

    4. an urgent appeal or entreaty

    5. a spell of shedding tears


    「1. shed tears in distress, pain, or sorrow」的反義字

    「2. shout or scream in fear, pain, or grief」的反義字

    「3. a spell of shedding tears」的反義字

    • cry的名詞複數
    • cry的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • ph.
    • ph.
      大聲喊叫 The little boy cried out with pain when he burnt his fingers. 那個小男孩在燙傷自己手指時, 痛得大聲喊叫。
    • ph.
      喊“狼來了”; 發假情報 Nobody will believe he is in trouble because he has cried wolf so many times. 沒人會相信他陷入困境, 因為這種話他說過很多次了。 Is she really sick or is she just crying wolf? 她是真病還是假病?
    • ph.
      取消自己的諾言; 打退堂鼓 I said I would go, but had to cry off at the last moment. 我是說過要去的, 但事到臨頭卻不得不改變了主意。
    • vi.
      呼喊; 叫喊; 迫切需要某物/某人 to cry out to sb. 朝某人叫喊 to cry out for sth./sb. 呼喊著要求得到某物/某人
    • ph.
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    • KK[kraɪ]
    • DJ[krai]


    • vi.
      He cried over his wife's death. 他為妻子的去世而哭泣。
    • vt.
    • n.
      叫喊;呼叫[C][(+of/for)] With a cry of delight, he found the puppy. 他找到了小狗,高興得叫喊起來。