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  1. do

    • IPA[duː]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:did 過去分詞:done 現在分詞:doing

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    • 1. what does he do for a living? 他靠甚麼謀生? to do the ironing 熨衣服
    • 2. 使美觀 to do sb.'s hair/nails 為某人做頭髮/修指甲 to do one's teeth/face 刷牙/洗臉
    • 3. 完成 to be done doing sth. 做完 are you done complaining/eating? 你抱怨完/吃完了嗎?
    • 4. 研究; 學習 he's doing an MA 他在讀文學碩士 we're doing Shakespeare this year 我們今年研讀莎士比亞作品
    • 5. 寫作 to do a translation into Chinese 把一些東西翻譯成中文 to do a biography of sb. 寫一部某人的傳記
    • 6. 改變 what have you done to the kitchen? 你把廚房怎麼動了一下? I haven't done anything with your pen! 我沒把你的筆怎麼樣!
    • 7. 傷害 to do something to one's foot 傷到腳 what have you done to your leg? 你的腿怎麼了?
    • 8. 處理; 提供; 出售 the hairdresser can do you now 美髮師現在可以為您服務了
    • 9. 做; 烤; 煮
    • 10. 洗切
    • 11. 排演 to do a season of Brecht plays 進行布萊希特戲劇季的演出
    • 12. 模仿 she can do Margaret Thatcher very well 她能將瑪格麗特·撒切爾模仿得惟妙惟肖
    • 13. 以…的速度行駛 this boat does 50 mph 這艘小艇的速度達到每小時50英里 I was doing 10 mph 我正以每小時10英里的速度行進
    • 14. 走完…的距離 we've done 30 km since lunch 午飯後我們已走了30公里路
    • 15. 遊覽 to do Venice 遊覽威尼斯
    • 16. 適合 will this pen do you? 這支筆你用得上嗎?
    • 17. 欺騙 to do sb. out of sth. 從某人處騙走 I've been done out of £20 我被騙走了20英鎊
    • 18. to get the cat/dog done 騸貓/騸狗
    • 19. 搶劫 to do a bank 搶銀行
    • 20. 宣判…有罪 to get done for sth. 因…被判有罪


    • 1. do as I do 照著我的樣子做 well done! 幹得好!
    • 2. 合適 that box will do 那個盒子能行 these trousers will do for gardening 這條褲子可以穿來侍弄花園
    • 3. 足夠 just a little will do 一點就夠了 that'll do! 夠了!
    • 4. 進行 how are you doing? 你好! how do you do? 你好!
    • 5. 活躍 to be up and doing again in no time 馬上又生龍活虎 there is nothing doing in this town after nine 9點以後這鎮上就死氣沉沉了


    • 1. 聚會 to have a do to celebrate passing one's exams 為通過考試而慶祝一番 a leaving do 告別晚會


    1. perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified)

    2. work on (something) to bring it to completion or to a required state

    3. make or have available and provide

    4. solve; work out

    5. (often in questions) work at for a living

    6. learn or study; take as one's subject

    7. produce or give a performance of (a particular play, opera, etc.)

    8. travel (a specified distance)

    9. travel at (a specified speed)

    10. visit as a tourist, especially in a superficial or hurried way

    11. act or behave in a specified way

    12. make progress or perform in a specified way; get on or fare

    13. be suitable or acceptable

    • abbr.
      = ditto 同上,同前,同上符號
    • pp
    • adj.
      合乎規矩的 the done thing 得體的事
    • excl
      行,好 done!’ “成交!”
    • pres p
    • n.
      所做的事; 所造成的事 to be sb.'s doing 是某人幹的
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    • IPA[dəʊ]



    • n.
    • KK[du]
    • DJ[du:]


    • vt.
      做,幹,製作;實行;完成;解答,算出 My mother does the cooking. 我母親做飯。 I have done a lot of work. 我做了許多工作。
    • vi.
      做,行動 Do as you are required. 按要求去做。
    • n.
    • KK[du]
    • DJ[du:]


    • aux.
      構成疑問句或否定句 You don't like pop music, do you? 你不喜歡流行音樂,對嗎? He doesn't like chocolate. 他不喜歡巧克力。


    • abbr.
      = Defense Order 防禦命令
    • KK[do]
    • DJ[dəu]


    • n.
    • 做,幹,辦