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  1. experience

    • IPA[ɪksˈpɪərɪəns]



    • n.
    • vt.
      經歷;體驗; 體會
    • 過去式:experienced 過去分詞:experienced 現在分詞:experiencing

    • 名詞複數:experiences

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 經驗 to have experience of sth./doing sth. 有某事物/做某事的經驗 to have experience in sth./doing sth. 在某事物/做某事上有經驗
    • 2. 經歷 from sb.'s own experience 從某人的親身經歷中 in my experience, ... 據我的經驗,…
    • 3. (一次)經歷 to have or go through an experience 有某種體驗 that was quite an experience! 那次經歷不同尋常!


    • 1. 經歷 to experience sth. at first hand or personally 親身經歷某事 to experience difficulty doing sth. 做某事遇到困難
    • 2. 體驗; 體會 to experience pleasure 感受愉悅 to experience profound relief 感到極大的寬慰


    1. practical contact with and observation of facts or events

    2. the knowledge or skill acquired by a period of practical experience of something, especially that gained in a particular profession

    3. an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone

    • adj.
      有經驗的 to be experienced in sth./doing sth. 在某事物上/做某事經驗豐富
    • adj.
      有經驗的;老練的;熟練的[(+in/at)] He is very experienced in/at repairing cars. 他修車很有經驗。 She is an experienced cook. 她是個經驗豐富的廚師。
    • experience的名詞複數
    • 有經驗的經驗豐富的,老練的


    • ph.
      【心】巔峰經驗(Abraham Maslow所創)
    • ph.
      啊哈 感受,恍然大悟(感悟或意識到解決問題的方法的時刻)
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    • KK[ɪkˋspɪrɪəns]
    • DJ[iksˋpiəriəns]


    • n.
      經驗,體驗[U][(+of/in)] She had no experience of life at all. 她毫無生活經驗。 Have you had any experience of teaching English? 你有過教英語的經驗嗎?
    • vt.
      經歷;體驗 The city experienced over 2,000 such incidents last year. 去年這座城市發生過二千次以上這類事件。
    • 經驗,經歷