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  1. flash

    • IPA[flæʃ]



    • n.
    • vi.
      閃光; 閃爍;閃耀
    • vt.
      使…閃光;用車燈發出; 用車燈向…發信號
    • adj.
      華麗的; 奢華的;炫富的
    • 過去式:flashed 過去分詞:flashed 現在分詞:flashing

    • 名詞複數:flashes

    • 比較級:flasher 最高級:flashest

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    • 1. 閃光 a flash of sth. 某物的閃光 a flash of lightning 一道閃電
    • 2. 閃現 a flash of sth. 某物的閃現 a flash of merriment/laughter 突然的一陣歡喜/笑聲
    • 3. 閃光燈 with automatic flash 備有自動閃光燈 a built-in flash 內置閃光燈
    • 4. 簡訊
    • 5. 肩章
    • 6. 一小塊亮色 a horse with a white flash on its nose 鼻子上有一塊白斑的馬
    • 7. 炫耀 eighties designer flash 80年代設計師華麗炫耀的設計風格
    • 8. 矢量動畫


    • 1. 閃光; 閃爍 his right indicator was flashing, but he turned left 他的右轉向燈在閃,但他卻向左轉了
    • 2. 閃耀 her eyes flashed as she turned to face her tormentors 她轉身面對拷打自己的人時,眼中冒出怒火
    • 3. 飛奔; 飛馳; 閃現; 飛逝 the car flashed past us 那輛汽車從我們旁邊飛馳而過 a sudden thought flashed through her mind 她腦子裡突然閃過一個想法
    • 4. 露陰


    • 1. 使…閃光 stop flashing that torch at me/in my eyes 別用手電閃我/我的眼睛 why is that car flashing its headlights at us? 那輛車為甚麼朝咱們閃車頭燈?
    • 2. 用車燈發出; 用車燈向…發信號 the oncoming car flashed him a warning 迎面而來的汽車向他閃燈發出警告 the police car flashed them, and they had to pull in 警車向他們閃燈,於是他們不得不靠路邊停下
    • 3. 閃現出 to flash sth. at sb. 向某人閃現出某物 she flashed a glance in his direction 她朝他那邊瞥了一眼
    • 4. 迅速發出 they flashed the news straight to their head office 他們迅速把這條新聞直接發往總部 the election results were flashed on the screen 選舉結果顯示在屏幕上
    • 5. 亮出 to flash sth. at sb. 向某人亮出某物 just flash a fiver at the doorman and he'll let you in 只要拿5英鎊給看門人,他就會讓你進去
    • 6. 炫耀 to flash sth. at sb. 向某人炫耀某物
    • 7. 對…露陰


    • 1. 華麗的; 奢華的
    • 2. 炫富的 he's so flash always talking about his holidays in Barbados 他非常愛炫富,總是談論他在巴巴多斯島度假的事


    1. shine in a bright but brief, sudden, or intermittent way

    2. move or pass very quickly

    3. display (information or an image) suddenly on a television or computer screen or electronic sign, typically briefly or repeatedly

    4. make a conspicuous display of (something) so as to impress or attract attention

    5. (of a man) show one's genitals briefly in public

    6. a sudden brief burst of bright light

    7. a coloured patch of cloth on a uniform used as the distinguishing emblem of a regiment, formation, or country

    8. a sudden or brief manifestation or occurrence of something

    • n.
    • n.
    • adj.
    • flash的名詞複數
    • flash的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 光芒


    • 閃光,遮雨板,防水板


    • ph.
      (指某人的思想)回溯, 回顧, 回憶 My mind flashed back to our previous meeting. 我又想起了我們上次會面時的情景。 My mind flashed back to last Christmas. 我忽然回想起去年耶誕節的情景。
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    • KK[flæʃ]
    • DJ[flæʃ]


    • vt.
      使閃光;使閃爍[(+at)] Why is that driver flashing his lights at me? 那個司機為何用燈照我?
    • vi.
      閃光,閃爍 The stars flashed in the night sky. 夜空中群星閃爍。
    • n.
      閃爍,閃光[C] There was a flash of lightning a moment ago. 剛才有一道閃電。
    • adj.
      突如其來的,迅猛而短暫的;緊急的[B] The area was hit by a flash storm. 這一地區受到突如其來的暴風雨的侵襲。
    • 閃光,閃現,一瞬間閃光,閃現,反射使閃光,反射