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  1. go

    • IPA[gəʊ]



    • vi.
    • vt.
      走過; 沿著;說; 出聲
    • n.
    • 過去式:went 過去分詞:gone 現在分詞:going

    • 名詞複數:goes

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    • 1. to go for a walk/drink 去散步/喝酒 to go swimming/running 去游泳/跑步
    • 2. 變得 to go bankrupt 破產 my hair went grey 我的頭髮變得花白了
    • 3. 移動 the car went skidding off the road 汽車打滑偏離了公路 the rabbit went hopping across the field 野兔蹦跳著穿過田野
    • 4. 被傳遞 it can't go by post 這個不能郵寄 their proposal will go before the board 他們的建議將提交給董事會
    • 5. 離開 we must go, we must be going 我們必須走了 the last train goes at midnight 最後一班火車午夜12點開出
    • 6. 消失; 丟失; 用完 summer is going 夏天快過去了 my bike went from outside the house 我的自行車在屋外丟了
    • 7. 花掉; 耗費 I don't know where my salary goes (to)! 我不知道我的工資花到哪裡去了!
    • 8. 流逝 the hours went slowly 時間過得很慢 there are only three days to go before Christmas 離聖誕節只有三天了
    • 9. 被辭退; 被丟棄; 被拆除 he'll have to go 他必須辭職 that lampshade has to go 那個燈罩一定得扔掉
    • 10. 被出售; 被出租 it was going cheap 價格很便宜 the house went to the highest bidder 房子賣給了出價最高的人
    • 11. 受損 his hearing/eyesight is starting to go 他的聽力/視力開始衰退 my voice has gone 我說不出話了
    • 12. 塌落; 損壞; 斷掉 the brakes went 剎車失靈了 my legs went from under me 我沒站穩摔倒了
    • 13. 進行; 發生 how's it going?, how are things going?, how goes it? 情況如何? the evening went very well 晚會進行得很順利
    • 14. 竟然做 now you've gone and done it! 你竟然幹出這種事! he only went and won the competition! 他就那樣贏得了比賽!
    • 15. 輪到 you go first 你先來 whose turn is it to go? 輪到誰了?
    • 16. 延伸 the roots of the tree go very deep 這棵樹的根扎得很深 this door/corridor goes to the kitchen 這扇門/這個走廊通往廚房
    • 17. 達到 the boy will go far 那個男孩會有出息的 to go too far to back out 陷得太深,沒法退出
    • 18. 被遺贈; 被捐贈給 to go to sb./sth. 由…繼承 the house will go to his daughters 這所房子將留給他的女兒們
    • 19. 給予 the judgement went in his favour 裁決對他有利 most of the credit should go to the designer 大部分功勞應該歸設計者
    • 20. 移動; 過活 to go naked/armed 光著身子/帶著武器 to go in fear of one's life 總為性命擔憂
    • 21. 一般而言 he's not bad, as boys go 和一般男孩子相比,他並不壞 as things go 就一般情形而言
    • 22. 運轉 to set or get sth. going 使某物運轉起來 to keep sb./sth. going 使某人堅持下去/讓某事繼續下去
    • 23. 響起 the alarm went at 6 6點鐘鬧鐘鈴響了
    • 24. 持續 this strike's already been going too long 這次罷工持續時間太長了 we can go days without seeing a soul 我們能連著好幾天看不見一個人
    • 25. 內容是 as the saying goes 常言道 the story/rumour goes that ... 據說/有傳言說…
    • 26. 被演唱 how does the song go? 這首歌是怎麼唱的?
    • 27. 起作用 everything that goes to make a good teacher/school 成為好教師/好學校的一切條件
    • 28. 訴諸 to go to war 開戰 to go to the relevant authority 訴諸有關當局
    • 29. 變為 to go vegetarian 變成素食者 to go metric 實行公制
    • 30. 保持 to go unnoticed/unpunished 未被察覺/懲罰 most of the population went hungry 大多數人捱餓
    • 31. 應放置; 被放置 this goes under a different heading 這個應放在其他標題下 the suitcases will have to go in the back 這些手提箱只能放在後面
    • 32. 可供應; 可得到 to be going 能買到 I'll have whatever's going 有甚麼我就吃甚麼
    • 33. 上廁所 I need to go (really badly) 我(憋不住)要上廁所了
    • 34. 被接受 what I say, goes! 凡是我說的都得照辦! anything goes these days 如今無奇不有
    • 35. 去世 after I go 我走了之後


    • 1. 走過; 沿著 we had gone only 3 km 我們只走了3公里 are you going my way? 你和我同路嗎?
    • 2. 說; 出聲 so he goes, ‘what about my money?’ 於是他說:“我的錢呢?” the cat went miaow 貓喵了一聲
    • 3. 出; 下…的賭注 I'm going £10 on the red 我給紅方押10英鎊 he went three spades 他出了3張黑桃


    • 1. 精力 to be full of go, to be all go 精力充沛 she has no go in her 她沒有熱情
    • 2. it's your go now 輪到你了
    • 3. 嘗試 to have a go at sth. 嘗試做某事 someone has had a go at this lock 有人鼓搗過這把鎖
    • 4. 一陣行動 at one or a go, in one go 一下子 to do sth. in two goes 分兩次做某事
    • 5. 成功 to make a go of sth. 在某事上取得成功


    1. move from one place to another; travel

    2. (of a thing) lie or extend in a certain direction

    3. said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone

    4. leave; depart

    5. (of time) pass or elapse

    6. come to an end; cease to exist

    7. cease operating or functioning

    8. die (used euphemistically)

    9. be lost or stolen

    10. be sold or awarded to

    11. (of money) be spent, especially in a specified way

    12. pass into or be in a specified state, especially an undesirable one

    13. proceed or turn out in a specified way

    14. be harmonious, complementary, or matching

    15. (of a machine or device) function

    16. (of an article) be regularly kept or put in a particular place


    「1. said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone」的反義字

    「2. leave; depart」的反義字

    「3. come to an end; cease to exist」的反義字

    • go
    • adj.
      興隆的 a going concern 生意興隆的企業
    • n.
      離去 her going was a sad moment 她的離別是個悲傷的時刻 comings and goings 來來往往
    • comb.
      參加…活動的 cinema/churchgoing 常去電影院/教堂的 the theatregoing public 常去劇院看戲的觀眾
    • go
    • adj.
      過去的 the days that are gone 過去的日子 gone are the days when ..., the days are gone when ... …的日子一去不復返了
    • prep.
      剛過 it's just gone seven o'clock 剛過七點鐘 he was just gone 70 他剛過70歲
    • go
    • pt
    • n.
      去,離去[U][C] Her going will be a great loss to the company. 她的離去對公司將是一個巨大的損失。
    • adj.
      進行中的;運轉中的;營業中的[B] a going concern 營業興隆的商行
    • adj.
      過去的 The spring is gone. 春天已經過去了。
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    • KK[go]
    • DJ[gəu]


    • vi.
      去;離去 When did she go? 她什麼時候離開的?
    • vt.
      拿……打賭[(+on)] I'll go five dollars on that. 我願為此賭五美元。
    • n.
      【口】輪到的機會[C] Now it's your go. 現在輪到你了。


    • abbr.
      = general order 通令
    • 去,走,達到,運轉,訴諸,查閱,消失,結束,放棄,花費,成為,處於,流傳,趨於