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  1. heap

    • IPA[hēp]


    • n.
      a disorderly collection of objects placed haphazardly on top of each other;an amount of a particular loose substance
    • adv.
      a great deal
    • v.
      put (objects or a loose substance) in a heap;load something copiously with
    • verb: heap, 3rd person present: heaps, gerund or present participle: heaping, past tense: heaped, past participle: heaped

    • noun: heap, plural noun: heaps

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. British informal a great deal “How do you like Maggie?” “I like you heaps better!”


    • 1. put (objects or a loose substance) in a heap she heaped logs on the fire heaped up in one corner was a pile of junk
    • load something copiously with he heaped his plate with rice
    • form a heap clouds heaped higher in the west
    • 2. direct a great deal of praise, abuse, criticism, etc. at (someone or something) she heaped praise on the public for its generosity as charity donations continued to pour in these are the people who make a living from heaping abuse and ridicule on those of whom they do not approve
    • give someone or something (a great deal of praise, abuse, criticism, etc.) the film has been heaped with praise by critics and audiences alike