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  1. kick

    • IPA[kɪk]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      踢; 突如其來的猛力鞭策;踢球
    • 過去式:kicked 過去分詞:kicked 現在分詞:kicking

    • 名詞複數:kicks

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    • 同反義
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    • 1. to kick sb. on or in sth. 踢中某人的某部位 he kicked me on the shin 他踢到了我的脛骨
    • 2. 踢走 to kick sth. away 把某物踢走 to kick sb./sth. down the stairs/over a wall/under the bed 把某人/某物踢下樓梯/踢過牆/踢到床下
    • 3. 踢出 to kick a hole in sth. 在某物上踢出一個洞
    • 4. 踢騰 to kick one's legs in the air 踢腿
    • 5. 踢…球得分 to kick two conversions/penalties 踢兩個觸地/罰球得分


    • 1. to kick at sb./sth. 向某人/某物踢去 alive and kicking 活蹦亂跳的
    • 2. 踢球 to kick for touch 把球踢出邊線
    • 3. 踢腿 to kick hard with one's feet 奮力踢腿 to kick for home 向終點衝刺
    • 4. 後衝 this gun really kicks when you fire it 這支槍射擊時後坐力很大


    • 1. 踢; 突如其來的猛力鞭策 to give sb./sth. a kick 踢某人/某物一腳 to get a kick on the shin (from sb./a horse) 被(某人/馬)踢到脛骨
    • 2. 踢球 to blast the kick wide 踢大腳球 to aim a kick at goal 射門
    • 3. 蹬水; 踢腿
    • 4. 極大的樂趣 to get a kick out of or from sth./doing sth. 從某事物/做某事中得到極大樂趣 to do sth. for kicks 做某事尋求刺激
    • 5. 刺激性 a drink with a lot of kick in it 勁兒大的酒
    • 6. 活力 he still has plenty of kick in him 他仍然活力十足
    • 7. 一時的狂熱 to be on a health-food kick 心血來潮熱衷於健康食品
    • 8. 後衝 this gun has quite a kick 這支槍後坐力很大


    1. strike or propel forcibly with the foot

    2. succeed in giving up (a habit or addiction)

    3. (of a gun) recoil when fired

    4. a blow or forceful thrust with the foot

    5. the sharp stimulant effect of alcohol or a drug

    6. a thrill of pleasurable, often reckless excitement

    7. a temporary interest in a particular thing


    「1. succeed in giving up (a habit or addiction)」的反義字

    • kick的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • kick的名詞複數
    • ph.
      踢脫(鞋子等); 踢開 He entered the room and kicked off his shoes. 他走進屋子, 把鞋踢掉。 The dog attacked me, biting my ankle, but I kicked him off. 狗向我進攻, 咬我的腳踝, 我將它踢開了。
    • ph.
      抬高 He kicked the bid up another thousand. 他把出價又抬高了一千元。
    • ph.
      粗暴對待; 活著, 健在; 隨便談談 They kicked him around until he ran away. 他們虐待他, 最後他逃走了。 He has been kicking around Europe since his discharge from the army. 他從部隊退役後一直在歐洲到處遊蕩。
    • ph.
      反對; 對...表示不滿; 反抗 He kicked against the treatment he was receiving. 他對受到的待遇表示不滿。 It's no use kicking against the rules. 反對這些規定是徒勞的。
    • ph.
      解僱 The boss kicked him out for an offensive remark. 老板因為他說了一句冒犯的話就把他開除了。
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    • vt.
      He kicked the football out of the field. 他把球踢出了場外。
    • vi.
      踢;踢腿 The baby was kicking and crying. 那嬰孩正又踢又叫。
    • n.
      He got the kick yesterday. 昨天他被解僱了。 He gave the ball a hard kick. 他使勁踢了球一腳。
    • 踢,反沖,後座力,凹底踢,反抗,反沖踢,朝…反沖