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  1. let

    • IPA[let]



    • vt.
      允許; 讓他吃槍子;讓…過去
    • conj
    • n.
    • 過去式:let 過去分詞:let 現在分詞:letting

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    • 1. 允許; 讓他吃槍子 don't let the fire go out 別讓火熄滅 I can't go because she won't let me 我不能去,因為她不肯同意
    • 2. 讓…過去 let me through or past 讓我過去 the curtains let the light through 這些窗簾透光
    • 3. 出租 ‘To Let’ “房屋招租” to let a field to a farmer 把田租給一位農民
    • 4. let it be known that ... 要讓大家知道… let there be no mistake about this 這個不能有差錯
    • 5. 假設 let the line AB intersect the line CD 假設直線AB與直線CD相交 let X equal 2 設X等於2


    • 1. 更不用說 she can't even talk, let alone sing 她甚至不會說話,更不用說唱歌了


    • 1. 租借期 a long/short/2-year let 長期/短期/兩年期租借


    1. not prevent or forbid; allow

    2. allow to pass in a particular direction

    3. used in the imperative to formulate various expressions:

    4. allow someone to have the use of (a room or property) in return for regular payments


    「1. not prevent or forbid; allow」的反義字

    「2. used in the imperative to formulate various expressions:」的反義字

    • suf.
      表示小的(如:piglet, starlet
    • n.
    • let的名詞複數
    • ph.
      使出去; 使熄滅; 使流走 She would not let her young son out on such a cold day. 她不讓她幼小的兒子在這樣冷的天氣出來。 Let the water out of the bath tab. 把浴盆裡的水放掉。
    • ph.
      放下, 降下 John let down the chain saw on a rope from the window. 約翰從窗口把機器鋸用繩子垂降下來。
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    • n.
      擦網球 let! 擦網! to play a let 擦網重發
    • KK[lɛt]
    • DJ[let]
    • vt.
      (通常不用被動式)允許,讓[O3] She would not let the child do it. 她不會讓孩子做這事的。
    • vi.
      出租 That apartment lets for $500 a month. 那公寓房子以每月五百美元出租。
    • n.[C]
    • KK[lɛt]
    • DJ[let]
    • n.
    • 讓,假設,出租,排放,妨礙出租,被承包出租屋,障礙