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  1. pull

    • IPA[pʊl]



    • vt.
      拉;拔出; 採
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:pulled 過去分詞:pulled 現在分詞:pulling

    • 名詞複數:pulls

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    • 1. to pull the curtains/blinds 拉上窗簾/百葉窗 to pull sb.'s hair, to pull sb. by the hair 揪某人頭髮
    • 2. 拔出; 採 to pull a gun/knife (on sb.) (對某人)拔槍/拔刀 to pull a thread on 把…弄得抽絲
    • 3. 拉傷 a pulled muscle/ligament 拉傷的肌肉/韌帶
    • 4. 扳動; 扣
    • 5. 進行…得逞 to pull a bank job 搶銀行 to pull a trick on sb. 耍花招騙某人
    • 6. 使…轉向 to pull sth. to the left/right 把某物向左/向右轉 to pull sth. to or towards sth. 把某物轉向某處
    • 7. 勒住
    • 8. 收回 to pull one's punches 手下留情
    • 9. 把…擊偏; 把…擊向相對場地 to pull the ball to or into sth. 把球打偏到某處
    • 10. 吸引; 贏得; 引起 he can still pull the girls! 他仍然能讓姑娘們著迷!
    • 11. 取消; 撤掉
    • 12. 印出
    • 13. to pull a funny face at sb. 對某人扮鬼臉 to pull a strange expression 表情怪怪的


    • 1. to push and pull 推拉 to pull hard 使勁拉
    • 2. 划船 to pull hard 拼命划槳
    • 3. 對著…喝 to pull at or on sth. 吸
    • 4. 正常運轉 to pull well 運轉良好
    • 5. 逆著馬嚼子用力拉 to pull at the bit 用力拉馬嚼子
    • 6. 轉向 to pull to the left/right 向左/右轉
    • 7. 擊偏球; 把球擊向相對場地 to pull into or to sth. 把球反打到某處
    • 8. 平穩行駛; 平穩駕駛 the police car pulled alongside 警車開了過來
    • 9. 吸引異性
    • 10. 拉得動 it won't pull 這東西拉不動


    • 1. a pull at or on sth. 對某物的一拉 to give (sth.) a (sharp) pull (猛)拽(某物)一把
    • 2. 引力 gravitational pull 重力 the pull of the earth 地球引力
    • 3. 吸引力 to have or exert a pull over sb. 吸引某人 to be on the pull 進行性誘惑
    • 4. 影響力 to have a lot of pull with sb. 對某人有很大影響 to use one's pull 發揮影響力
    • 5. 大口喝 to take a long pull at sth. 大口喝某物
    • 6. 深吸 to take a pull at or on sth. 深吸某物
    • 7. 艱難前行 a long, hard pull 長途跋涉
    • 8. 拉手; 拉繩 a bell/door pull 鐘繩/門把手
    • 9. 印次; 校樣
    • 10. 向相對場地的一擊; 擊偏了的球 a pull to the leg boundary 把球擊到相對外場的一擊 a pull into the rough 被打到深草區的擊偏了的球
    • 11. 一次划槳動作; 划船 a few more pulls and ... 再划幾下槳,就… to go out for a pull 出去划船
    • 12. 抽絲 there's a pull in ... …上有一處抽絲
    • 13. 拉傷


    1. exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement towards oneself

    2. remove or extract (something) by grasping and exerting force on it

    3. damage (a muscle, ligament, etc.) by abnormal strain

    4. attract (someone) as a customer; cause to show interest in something

    5. an act of pulling something

    6. a deep draught of a drink

    7. an act of inhaling while smoking a pipe, cigarette, or cigar

    8. something exerting an influence or attraction

    9. ability to exercise influence


    「1. exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement towards oneself」的反義字

    「2. attract (someone) as a customer; cause to show interest in something」的反義字

    • pull的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • pull的名詞複數
    • ph.
      巴士、火車...等進站載客; (車輛或船)開到路邊或岸邊或開離公路 The train pulled in to the station on time. 火車準時進佔停靠。 The fishermen pulled in their nets and found that they were full of fish. 漁夫把網子拉進, 發現網裡充滿魚。
    • ph.
      向上拉; 拔 Don't try to pull up the plant! 別拔那棵植物!
    • ph.
      (使)康復健康 He is still quite sick, but the doctor is sure he will pull through. 他仍然病得很重, 但是醫生保證他將逐漸康復。
    • ph.
      拆除, 拆毀; 拉下 The old house has been pulled down. 那棟舊屋已被拆除。 One is not sorry to see the proud pulled down. 看到那些高傲的人被拉下來, 誰都不會惋惜。
    • ph.
      退出; 駛出 Jim saw that the firm was going to be ruined, so he pulled out. 吉姆看到公司即將倒閉, 所以他就退出了。 We arrived on the platform just as the train was pulling out. 我們到達月台的時候剛好火車離開。
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    • vt.
      拉,拖,牽,拽;搬走 She pulled his sleeve to get his attention. 她拉他的袖子以引起他的注意。
    • vi.
    • n.
      拉,拖[C] He gave a strong pull at the rope. 他用力拉了拉繩子。
    • 拉,拖,拔,牽,劃,撕開,拉傷,吸引拉,拖,拔,有吸引力拉,拖,拔,拉力