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  1. reasoned

    • IPA[ˈriːzənd]



    • adj.
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      原因; 理由 a reason for sth. 某事的原因 the reason behind sth. 某事背後的原因
    • vt.
      推斷 to reason (that) ... 推斷… she must have killed him, he reasoned 肯定是她殺了他,他推斷道
    • vi.
      推理 mankind's power or ability to reason 人類的思考能力 to reason from sth. 根據…進行推理
    • n.
      理由,原因,動機[C][U][(+for)][+(that)][+why][+to-v] The reason (that)/why she did it is still a mystery. 她為什麼做那件事仍是一個謎。 We have every reason to refuse. 我們完全有理由拒絕。
    • vi.
      推論,推理,思考 He is good at teaching his students to reason. 他擅於教導學生如何推理。
    • vt.
      推論,推理[Y][+that] I reasoned that he did not come because his old car had broken down again. 我推想他沒有來是因為他的老爺車又拋錨了。
    • reason的名詞複數
    • C理由,原因


    • 理由


    • ph.
      有道理 He thinks, with reason, that I don't like him. 他有道理認為我不喜歡他。
    • ph.
      合情合理的 I'm willing to do anything in reason. 合情合理的事我都願意做。
    • ph.
      規勸 I have reasoned with him as to his conduct. 關於他的行為我已規勸過他了。 I reasoned with her for hours about the danger, but she would not change her mind. 我跟她爭辯了幾個小時, 想讓她認識到危險性, 但她就是不聽。
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