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  1. roll

    • IPA[rəʊl]



    • vt.
      使滾動;將…捲起; 將…繞成團
    • vi.
      滾動;翻滾; 適應艱苦環境
    • n.
    • 過去式:rolled 過去分詞:rolled 現在分詞:rolling

    • 名詞複數:rolls

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 使滾動 to roll a ball along/across the ground 沿著球場往前帶球/將球傳到球場的另一邊 to roll barrels up the ramp 把桶滾上斜坡
    • 2. 將…捲起; 將…繞成團 to roll into a ball 將…揉成團 (all) rolled into one (全部)融為一體
    • 3. 擀; 推平; 碾平; 軋平 to roll sth. into sth. 將…軋成某物
    • 4. 轉動 to roll sth. between one's fingers 在手指間轉動某物
    • 5. 使翻轉 to roll the patient on to his back 給病人翻身成仰臥姿勢
    • 6. 弄翻 she rolled her car 她開翻了車
    • 7. 捲起
    • 8. 啟動 roll 'em! 開拍!
    • 9.
    • 10. 搶劫
    • 11. 用顫音發出 to roll one's r's 發r的舌尖顫音


    • 1. 滾動 to roll into sth. 駛進某處 to roll down sth. 滾下
    • 2. 翻滾; 適應艱苦環境 to roll behind sb./sth. 滾到某人/某物後面 to roll on to sb./sth. 滾到某人身上/某物上面
    • 3. 平穩移動 to roll on to or up sth. 挪動到某物上 to roll away 緩緩離開
    • 4. 蜷曲
    • 5. 原地打滾 to roll in sth. 在…裡打滾 to be rolling (in it or money) 財源滾滾
    • 6. 翻身 to roll on to sth. 翻身呈某姿勢 to roll on to one's back/front/side 翻身仰臥/俯臥/側臥
    • 7. 翻滾
    • 8. 向上翻 her eyes rolled 她翻了翻白眼
    • 9. 搖晃 to roll to and fro/from side to side 前後/左右搖晃
    • 10. 隆隆響
    • 11. 咚咚響
    • 12. 開動 cameras, roll! 開拍! let’s roll 咱們開始吧


    • 1. 一捲 a roll of film/paper/cloth/tobacco 一捲膠捲/紙/布/煙
    • 2. 一沓 a roll of banknotes 一沓鈔票
    • 3. 一管 a roll of candy/mints 一管糖/薄荷糖果
    • 4. 一堆; 一圈
    • 5. 小圓麵包
    • 6. 肉捲
    • 7. 翻跟頭 a forward/backward roll 前/後滾翻
    • 8. 翻滾
    • 9. 搖晃 the car corners well with a minimum of roll 這輛車拐彎性能良好,晃動輕微 to walk with a roll of the hips 走起路來臀部一扭一扭的
    • 10. 擲骰子 to be on a roll 連連獲勝
    • 11. 隆隆聲
    • 12. 咚咚聲
    • 13. 花名冊 we have about ninety members on our or the roll(s) 我們的名單上大約有90名會員 to call or take the roll 點名
    • 14. 名單總人數 falling school rolls 下降的在校學生人數


    1. move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis

    2. (of a moving ship, aircraft, or vehicle) rock or oscillate around an axis parallel to the direction of motion

    3. move along or from side to side unsteadily or uncontrollably

    4. (of a vehicle) move or run on wheels

    5. move or push (a wheeled object)

    6. (of a drop of liquid) flow

    7. (of time) elapse steadily

    8. (of waves, smoke, cloud, or fog) move or flow forward with an undulating motion

    9. turn (something flexible) over and over on itself to form a cylinder, tube, or ball

    10. make (something) by forming material into a cylinder or ball

    11. curl up tightly

    12. flatten (something) by passing a roller over it or by passing it between rollers

    13. (of a loud, deep sound) reverberate

    14. a cylinder formed by winding flexible material around a tube or by turning it over and over on itself without folding

    15. a cylindrical mass of something or a number of items arranged in a cylindrical shape

    16. a quantity of banknotes rolled together