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  1. shift

    • IPA[ʃɪft]



    • vt.
      挪動; 改變立場;轉移; 轉嫁; 改變
    • vi.
      挪動; 演變; 他斷然拒絕改變立場;換擋
    • n.
      變換;輪班員工; 輪班工作時間
    • 過去式:shifted 過去分詞:shifted 現在分詞:shifting

    • 名詞複數:shifts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 挪動; 改變立場 will somebody help me shift this piano? 誰來幫我挪一下這架鋼琴? I can't shift the lid from this jar 我揭不開這個罈子的蓋子
    • 2. 轉移; 轉嫁; 改變 he shifted the load from his left shoulder to his right 他把扛的東西從左肩換到右肩 he's trying to shift the responsibility onto us 他在試圖把責任推卸到我們頭上
    • 3. 大吃; 大喝
    • 4. 賣出


    • 1. 挪動; 演變; 他斷然拒絕改變立場 the audience shifted uneasily in their seats 觀眾在座位上不安地動來動去 to shift from ... to ... 從…轉向…
    • 2. 換擋 to shift into second 換到二擋 to shift up/down (a gear) (把擋位)換到高擋/低擋
    • 3. 快速移動 get shifting! we're late! 快走!我們遲到了! look at that car! it's really shifting! 瞧那輛車!跑得真快啊!


    • 1. 變換 a shift in the government's policy 政府政策的轉變 a shift in the wind from north to north west 風由北向西北的轉變
    • 2. 輪班員工; 輪班工作時間 the day/night shift 白班/夜班 an 8-hour shift 8小時輪班
    • 3. 直筒連衣裙
    • 4. 轉換鍵
    • 5. 斷層
    • 6. gear shift


    1. move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance

    2. change the position of one's body, especially because one is nervous or uncomfortable

    3. change in emphasis, direction, or focus

    4. remove (a stain)

    5. a slight change in position, direction, or tendency

    6. each of two or more recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in relay

    7. the group of people who work during a particular shift

    8. an ingenious or devious device or stratagem


    「1. change the position of one's body, especially because one is nervous or uncomfortable」的反義字