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  1. mark

    • IPA[mɑːk]



    • n.
      斑點; 斑痕; 污點;符號
    • vt.
      留痕跡於;作記號於; 標示
    • vi.
    • 過去式:marked 過去分詞:marked 現在分詞:marking

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    • 1. 斑點; 斑痕; 污點 a grease mark 油跡 a stubborn mark 頑漬
    • 2. 符號 a proofreading mark 校對符號 to put or make a mark on or in sth. 在某物上做記號
    • 3. 刻度; 標線 the high-water mark 高水位線 the runners have passed the 3,000-metre mark 長跑運動員已經通過了3000米標誌處
    • 4. 標籤; 商標 a laundry mark 洗衣店標籤 a printer's mark 印刷社商標
    • 5. 標誌 as a mark of sth. 作為某物的標誌 the mark of a gentleman 紳士的特徵
    • 6. 印記 to leave or make its/one's mark (on sb./sth.) (給某人/某事物)留下影響 to make one's mark (in sth./as sth.) (在某方面/從事某事)成名
    • 7. 得分; 等第 a mark in or for maths/geography 數學/地理分數 to get a good/bad/high/low mark 得到好/差/高/低分
    • 8. 型號
    • 9. at gas mark 4 以4檔烤箱溫度
    • 10. 靶子; 猜對; 切中要害; 猜錯; 毫不相關 to hit or strike or find its or the mark 擊中目標 he made a great effort, and hit the mark 他經過艱苦努力達到了目的
    • 11. 起跑線; 理解快/慢; 出發 to be quick/slow off the mark 起跑快/慢 to be quick/slow off the mark to do or in doing sth. 不失時機地/慢吞吞地做某事


    • 1. 留痕跡於 the apples had all been marked 所有的蘋果上都有斑點 to mark sb. for life 給某人留下終生影響
    • 2. 作記號於; 標示 to mark sth. with sth. 用某物在某物上做記號 to mark sth. on sth. 把某記號標在某物上
    • 3. 標誌; 等待時機 to mark sth. as sth. or as being sth. 賦予某物某特點 he is marked as a future champion 他被看成未來的冠軍
    • 4. 慶祝 to be marked by sth. 以某活動作為慶祝
    • 5. 是…的特徵 to be marked by sth. 以某物為特徵 an age marked by unrest and violence 充滿動盪和暴力的時代
    • 6. 給…打分
    • 7. 記下 to mark sb. absent/present 給某人記缺勤/出勤 to mark sth. right/wrong 把某事物判為正確/錯誤
    • 8. 盯防 to mark sb. closely or tightly 嚴密盯防某人


    • 1. 評分
    • 2. 留下痕跡 this dress marks easily 這件連衣裙容易弄髒


    1. a small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings, typically one caused by damage or dirt

    2. a line, figure, or symbol made as an indication or record of something

    3. a sign or indication of a quality or feeling

    4. a written symbol made on a document in place of a signature by someone who cannot write

    5. a level or stage that is considered significant

    6. a figure or letter representing the total number of marks awarded in an examination or competition and signifying a person's score

    7. (especially in athletics) a time or distance achieved by a competitor, especially one which represents a record or personal best

    8. a target

    9. make a visible impression or stain on

    10. write a word or symbol on (an object) in order to give information

    11. indicate the position of

    12. acknowledge or celebrate (an important event) with a particular action

    13. be an indication of (a significant event or stage)

    14. characterize as having a particular quality or feature

    15. (of a teacher or examiner) assess the standard of (written work) by assigning points for proficiency or correct answers

    16. notice or pay careful attention to

    • adj.
      明顯的 a marked increase in profits 利潤的顯著增加
    • adj.
    • mark的名詞複數
    • 有記號的,顯著的,醒目的


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    • n.
    • KK[mɑrk]
    • DJ[mɑ:k]


    • n.
      痕跡;汙點;瘢疤[C] The scandal left a mark on his reputation. 那件醜事玷汙了他的名聲。
    • vt.
      做記號於;留痕跡於;標明[O8] The box of eggs was marked With Care. 這個雞蛋盒標上了小心字樣。
    • vi.
    • KK[mɑrk]
    • DJ[mɑ:k]


    • n.
    • KK[mɑrk]
    • DJ[mɑ:k]


    • n.
    • 標記