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  1. suck

    • IPA[sʌk]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:sucked 過去分詞:sucked 現在分詞:sucking

    • 名詞複數:sucks

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    • 1. 吸食 to suck milk through a straw 用吸管喝奶 to suck the juice from an orange 吸橙子的汁
    • 2. she sucked a mint 她嘴裡咂著一顆薄荷糖 stop sucking your thumb! 別吃大拇指!
    • 3. 吸食…的汁液 the baby is sucking its mother's breast 嬰兒在吃母親的奶 he sucked the orange dry 他把橙子吸乾了
    • 4. 抽吸 plants suck moisture from the soil 植物從土壤中吸取水分 I was getting sucked into the affair 我正被捲入這一事件
    • 5. 對…行口交; 舔吸


    • 1. 吸食 the baby was finding it difficult to suck 這個嬰兒吸奶有困難
    • 2. 吮吸 the old man was sucking at his pipe 老人在吸煙斗
    • 3. 抽吸 to suck on a tube to draw the liquid up 用管子把液體吸上來
    • 4. 令人討厭 the weather here really sucks! 這裡的天氣真討厭! it sucked that we had to leave so soon 糟糕的是,我們不得不這麼快就離開


    • 1. 吮吸 sucks to you! 瞧你這副熊樣!


    1. draw into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lips and mouth to make a partial vacuum

    2. draw in a specified direction by creating a vacuum

    3. involve (someone) in something without their choosing

    4. be very bad or unpleasant

    • suck的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • suck的名詞複數
    • ph.
      巴結, 奉承 He tried to suck up the manager in order to get a promotion. 他竭力巴結經理以便能夠被提升。 She is always sucking up to her teacher. 她老是巴結老師。
    • ph.
      竭力從某人處獲取其所有的金錢、幫助、消息等; 榨取
    • vt.
      把…吸進嘴裡 he sucked in a mouthful of cigar smoke 他吸了一大口雪茄煙
    • vt.
      吸食 she was sucking up milk through a straw 她正在用吸管喝牛奶
    • vi.
      奉承 to suck up to sb. 奉承某人 she's only sucking up to him 她只是在拍他的馬屁
    • vt.
      吸食 to suck the juice out of an orange 吸橙子的汁 the vampire had sucked all the blood out of her 吸血鬼把她的血吸乾了
    • vt.
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    • vt.
      吸,吮,啜,[O8] The baby is sucking its finger. 嬰兒在吮吸手指。
    • vi.
      吸,吸食,吸吮,吸奶[(+away/at)] The old man sucked at his pipe. 老人吸著菸斗。
    • n.
      吸吮,吸食[C] The baby took one suck at the milk bottle and pushed it away. 嬰兒吸了一下奶瓶就將它推開了。